SilkyGirl Quick Fix Care Concealer

3.6 5 0 27 27 现在你可瞬间获得完美无瑕的肤色!这款柔滑轻盈的遮瑕膏具备超级成分Fraxinus Excelsior Bark Extract 及Pistacia Lenticus (Mastic) Gum,能减少黑眼圈、黑点,使毛孔细致 ,令肌肤洁净。
SilkyGirl Quick Fix Care Concealer


Dia tak cover sgt and kalau pakai creases kat mata ketara sgt.
Not recommended
Not recommended for those who have combination of oily and dry skin for me. The coverage is little medium but i don't like this product because the brush and concealer is oily and makes your face become more oily. But the price is really cheap for a concealer.
This concealer is very easy to blend but it blends into nothing. I do not see any coverage at all. Though the price is quite cheap but i will not repurchase.
Mg senang nk apply..tahan lama..kecil..senang jew buh dlm beg..nk travel pn blh bwa..
Good coverage. However it dries quickly so you have to be quick in applying it. And I would highly suggest to put the product at the back of your hand since it dispense a lot when you click it. I love the texture and the coverage so much! And it last all day!
Amat mudah menggunakannya.. Samar dan noda dimuka hilang dengan beberapa sapuan. Nak mekup pun senang. Mudah simpan dan bawa dengan saiznya seperti pen. Simpan dalam poket pun boleh.
Very light and easy to use anytime as it is convenient to put inside the bag. At the same time the packaging is very nice and it helps my make up stay good. Makes me feel confident and really superb product. Reasonable price and worth to purchase. Highly recommend.


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