SUPER NUTREMILL 4in1 Cereal with Double Oat

4.2 5 0 6 6 SUPER NUTREMILL 4in1 Cereal with Double Oat,为您提供营养丰富的美味食品,不仅给予您更多精力完成工作,还拥有饱满精神体验生活的乐趣。含有必要的维生素和矿物质,有利于您的整体健康。这款产品美味而富有营养,实在是老少皆宜。
SUPER NUTREMILL 4in1 Cereal with Double Oat


Super !
I like consuming Super double oat as it taste is SUPER good with its great milky oat taste, it gives me energy and spirit to take on the day. It is made with the goodness of whole grain.
Yummy Oat
I like consuming Super Double oat as the taste is super yummy and it contains lots of vitamin, nutrition and mineral, it is suit to all group of people, especially for young people.
Taste good
Super Nutremill Double oat contains essential vitamins and mineral, it provide extra energy and nutrition to our body, the taste is super nice and the texture is smooth and rich.
Delicious and nutrition Beverage
Super Nutremilk Doubel oat is a delicious and nutrition Beverage, it provides us more energy and keeps me more active and healthy for the day. I like is taste as it is rich and delicious.
Good to be taken as breakfast or if u intend to skip dinner.
I love oats for its fibre benefits. Sometimes, i dont have time for breakfast but this product helps a lot if you are looking for a quick breakfast. Great for anyone who feels dieting at night if u are intend to skip dinner. Good taste if u put just enough water.
Is good for extra supplement fibre for your daily life need


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