Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon

4.4 5 0 34 34 Premier beehive streaky bacon is cut from the belly, is very versatile and can be used to add flavour to salads, pastas, and sandwiches. It is a high protein meat and it is also the cornerstone of any good breakfast. All beehive bacon products are gluten, soy & msg free.
Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon


Better Bacon
I find this Bacon the better of most - mostly has less fat on it and the flavour is good. Not too smokey. Try to get this one when its on special
Thoughts on Beehive Sweet&Smokey Streaky
This product is absolutely delicious! It has a great quantity amount! It is a little thicker sliced than normal cheaper bacon which is also great! The only problem with this product is its contribution to the economic crisis by being expensive.
Tasty bacon and Gluten-Free
We are always having to check labels for Gluten-Free food, however, we know that Beehive is Gluten-Free, with the added bonus of tasty bacon. Just love bacon as so versatile in cooking.
Yummy yummy give me more!
The only bacon I will buy. The flavours of both sweet/salty and Devine and perfect for bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning. It has a distinct taste from cheaper brands that I couldn’t go back to.
Im a bacon addict
I really like thin crispy bacon but dislike the amount if water and chemicals that is used
Hubby’s favourite
My husband has tried many different brands of bacon over the years and beehive is the one he always comes back to because of its taste and consistency. Loved by our son too, it completes our weekend family breakfast!
100% N01 bacon product for Me & My family... Love& Adore A/A RE; this product,totally recommend to All for All kinds/sorts of occassions.plz do not change anything RE; product.
Yum yum
Can never go wrong with hellers streaky bacon, will never disappoint. Will purchase again
Yummy flavours
I'm a big fan of the Beehive bacon, and this flavour doesn't disappoint. It makes for a nice change from the usual plain bacon and goes great with a cooked brekkie in the morning!
I Smell Bacon
Nothing like the smell of bacon on a Sunday morning for a big family breakfast. These bacon strips are amazing and are great in our homemade bacon and egg pies.
Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon
This is our favourite streaky bacon as we live that hint of smokeyness it has when you eat it. There is just the right amount of fat which is a plus in our house. Highly recommend this..
Fave bacon in our house. Love how thin it is and get super crispy. Whenever we have tried other brands we have regretted and always come back to this.
beehive bacon
this bacon is very tasty it is a hit with the kids and adults alike in our house
Beautiful Flavour
Really loved the taste of this bacon and it had the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It wasn't as salty as some of the other brands I've tried, and I'd definitely buy it again. Was a perfect addition in my homemade bacon and egg English Muffins.
It is pretty good
It has a really nice flavour and cooks well. Prefer it over the original manuka smoked one. Only downside is not having it in 1kg sizes lol

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