Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon

4.3 5 0 24 24 Premier beehive streaky bacon is cut from the belly, is very versatile and can be used to add flavour to salads, pastas, and sandwiches. It is a high protein meat and it is also the cornerstone of any good breakfast. All beehive bacon products are gluten, soy & msg free.
Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon


Beehive Sweet & Smokey Streaky Bacon
This is our favourite streaky bacon as we live that hint of smokeyness it has when you eat it. There is just the right amount of fat which is a plus in our house. Highly recommend this..
Fave bacon in our house. Love how thin it is and get super crispy. Whenever we have tried other brands we have regretted and always come back to this.
beehive bacon
this bacon is very tasty it is a hit with the kids and adults alike in our house
Beautiful Flavour
Really loved the taste of this bacon and it had the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It wasn't as salty as some of the other brands I've tried, and I'd definitely buy it again. Was a perfect addition in my homemade bacon and egg English Muffins.
It is pretty good
It has a really nice flavour and cooks well. Prefer it over the original manuka smoked one. Only downside is not having it in 1kg sizes lol
Enjoyable bacon great flavour. I would buy it again
Average Streaky Bacon
It has more of a smoky flavour coming through than the sweet. The pieces are quite thin. I use this bacon mostly to crisp up in a hot oven then sprinkle on my salads. I would likely choose a better quality bacon for eating just as bacon. Overall it’s not badly priced and is an average bacon in my opinion.
My go to for bacon
Great taste and texture, cooks up easily and nicely to enhance flavour!
Crispy and yummy
This Bacon cooks and crisps up nicely, I added it to a salad and was awesome.
Love Behive Bacon
It's not overly watery like some bacon and the fat renders really nicely. Can be cooked crispy or just as good lightly fried. It's a staple in our freezer.
Made in my home town
Premier beehive bacon is one of the nicest bacon brands I've tasted. Perfect for Sunday breakfast with the family
Crispy goodness
One of my favourites. Good value for money. I always bulk buy when this is on special and put it in the freezer
You get what you pay
It might not be the best, but it is cheaper than other brands. I think it is good enough for what is worth. I get this brand regularly, and I will keep getting it.
Good overall brand, not consistant
Its flavour is a bit inconsistent, i bought this the first time and thought it was salty, the second time it was very smokey and very fatty
good quality, more consistency
Probably New Zealand's best brand of bacon. Isn't too oily when cooked however can be really salty, lacks consistency

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