Betadine Antiseptic Ointment

4.9 5 0 17 17 For the treatment of common skin infections and prevention of infection in minor burns, cuts and abrasions.
Betadine Antiseptic Ointment


Must have at home
I always keep this stocked at home. I swear by it. I use it on cuts and grazes. Doesn’t sting and is helpful with preventing infection. Would recommend
Household staple
Love this genuinely works and helps wounds heal faster been using since was a kid.
It works!
This ointment really works and we’ve had it in our family household for years. I like how the ointment doesn’t sting like other antiseptic ointments. I would recommend this item to anyone to use or have sitting in their house for an emergency.
Betadine antiseptic
A must have in the first aid kit...used for years. Lasts for a long time also
This product works wonders on your skin especially when you have skin problems
We had this in South Africa, so happy it's made its way to New Zealand! A must have for your medical box
110 % great product
I use this all the time. Kids and all. Ive had a toe nail lost and this has been a life saver. Its multi use for many things. Only one thing i dont love is that it has a deap colour like blood.
I recommend
Definitely recommend this product it's a must for any 1st aid kit, helps the healing of any cut or wounds, easy to apply and great price too
Great for preventing infections
This is a great cream to apply if you have a cut as it helps to provide infections from occurring. It is good that after applying it will stay on the skin for a while. I would highly recommend this to everyone and this is great to have in your first aid kit.
Nurse approved
I was visited over a few weeks by a district nurse and she gave me this product to help with my wound. The recovery of my wound was faster than expected thanks to this. Just a small amount on a bandage was all that was needed. Will always be using this in future for all my cuts and deep wounds
A must have
A staple addition to our medicine cabinet. Great for sores.
Little brown helper
Obsessed thos myself AMF dogs great .o would near leave home
Best antiseptic ointment out
Betadine has been a trusted brand in our house since before I can remember at it is still just as great now as it was back then. Even my kids know when they have a scratch or cut to ask for the Betadine ointment.
I was originally recommended this to help with cuts on my horse, and seeing how well it and quickly it heeled have also used for cuts and grazes on myself.
My go to cream for any minor cuts and grazes. Also able to use on any small injuries on animals

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