5 5 0 2 2 Blackmores Lutein-Vision Advanced contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which studies have shown are supportive of healthy eyes and our ability to see clearly in ageing. Blackmores Lutein-Vision Advanced also contains omega-3 fatty acids and selenium. Selenium plays an important antioxidant role in eye health. Those whose diets are low in vegetables may benefit the most from supplemental intake.
Blackmores Lutein-Vision Advanced - Vision Support Formula
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very good to eye health.. give me extra healthy eyess...
Great product
Great product and i love it very much because it help me to have a healthy eye...
tried quite a few eye supplements and many if yuem dont seem to live up to the hype! willing to try new ones on the market.
Please send me some to try as my mom has eye health problem. Thank you so much
Would like to try it due to daily need for health care most especially for eye care, Interested here! Kindly update me regarding this :)
I would love to try this product as I am developing eye problems lately
It will be pleasure if you can send me this product as my husband got eyes problem
I would love to try Blackmores Lutein - Vision Advanced- Vision Support Formula
Мои глаза стали хуже видеть, хочу протестировать ваш продукт, уверена зрение восстановится! Лютеин очень Полезен для глазок!

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