Blue Frog Blueberry Almond Cinnamon Granola

4.5 5 0 6 6 Think blueberry crumble for breakfast! Our flavour packed blueberries are combined with toasted nuts and seeds, crunchy toasted oats and a dusting of cinnamon to create a luxurious blueberry delight, with the added benefit of of both pre and probiotics for a happy belly!
Blue Frog Blueberry Almond Cinnamon Granola


keeps you full
not too grainy and seedy like other granolas but it still is full of many healthy things that help keep you full. the flavour of the blueberry is fresh and the almond adds a sweet nutty flavour.
A new favourite
I just bought this recently for the first time. Really delicious and my go-to for a nutritional healthy brrakfast
Yum, yum! So nutritious, easy to reseal packaging, great taste The only concern stopping it being in our weekly shop is the pricing. Has to be a treat food instead of a pantry staple at this stage
The best granola ever
This is my favorite breakfast cereal, the flavor and textures are great! It is wholesome and healthier than other sugary cereals. It would be great if the plastic packaging was recyclable though.
Tasty granola
Enjoy the variety of tastes in this lovely granola and the crunch as well. Definitely recommend it
Crunchy Goodness
Well balanced granola the pre/probiotics that Blue Frog include in almost all their cereals make them super healthy. This granola is less sweet as it uses fruit juice and has less added sugar compared to regular brands

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