Breville Barista Express™ Impress

4.3 5 0 15 15 Impressive Puck. Less mess. Less fuss. Create third wave specialty coffee at home from bean to espresso in less than a minute. The best of the Barista Express with the Impress Puck System™. Helping you to achieve the perfect dose and a precise tamp while reducing the grinds on the machine and bench top.
Breville Barista Express™ Impress


All-in-one home cafe
What an amazing machine! We love our Barista Express! Right from initial setup to daily use I was and am still extremely surprised at how easy to operate this machine is. It takes only moements to heat and it is ready to go. You save bench space having an all in one system. The smart tamping system ensures you have a perfect tamp everytime and I cannot believe the savings we have made not purchasing a coffee from a cafe. We now buy beans from a wholesaler and our brew is perfect everytime. I have only one concern regarding the utensils the machine comes with and that is the milk jug. The measurements are engraved on the outer of the jug but only indented slightly on the inside which makes it hard to read. I also find that if the machine had an automatic milk system this would be a 5 star machine! Thanks Breville!
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Breville Review - Home Tester Club
I have used a Breville coffee machine before but It was an older version. I thought this one I received was even better then the one I had used previously. The leaver for the tamp was a great addition and made it easier to use as well as the the lights to say how if there was enough coffee. As someone who teaches people to make coffee on a daily basis I found this machine great and I am also teaching my house mates how to make coffee and they are picking it up very quick!
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Barista at home
We have been really enjoying using this coffee machine. The automatic grinder and tamp makes it super easy to use. There are very detailed instructions explaining how to use the machine, that even our children like to have a go! The hardest part we have found is finding a flavour coffee that we both like, as we have used a pod machine and used to changing flavours every coffee. We do like that we can make a double shot or single shot without having to faff around with different filters.
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Easy to use and cool technology.
This machine would make a great machine for beginners or coffee makers who want a good cup of quality coffee without much work. The initial setup was simple, the hardest part was setting the grind the first time. Since then it has produced a consistent shot of coffee every time. The automatic dose and tamp feature works well and takes any guesswork out of it. The milk wand works well and I think it performs better than other machines we have had, although I do think the steam dial is too hard to turn. The water tank is quite small and does not have a warning when water is low, this means if you are not aware of the water level it could be easy to run it dry. I was really impressed with the instructions, especially around how to extract coffee. Overall it is a great machine with everything included in one simple to use workstation.
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Impressed & Suprised!
Being a Barista, I was quite skeptical about the Breville Barista Express Impress. After going through the instructions and familiarising myself with this Machine , I proceeded to road test it. I was incredibly surprised by how easy it is to use. The Tamper feature was a brilliant idea and the Barista twist made for a perfect pairing! I love how the Machine memorises the exact amount of coffee to make a perfect extraction. The milk feature needed a bit of breaking in, so after a few attempts I was off on my new Coffee Experience! The cleaning extras are very top notch & easy to understand their use. I would highly recommend this product for the person who Loves & needs their Barista Coffee Hit!!! P.S Make sure you read the instructions!!! :-)
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Impressive Coffee Machine
The Breville Barista Express Impress is a really impressive, innovative at home coffee machine. It takes all the guess work out of knowing how much coffee grinds you need with it’s in built tamping system and it doesn’t leave behind messy grounds everywhere as I have experienced in other brands machines. Coffee for us has tasted amazing but I do believe you need to source good quality beans and not supermarket brought. The steam wand has good pressure and creates beautifully steamed milk for latte art. I really rate this new model and have recommended it to family and friends. The only draw back I could think of was the water tank is smaller than I’m use to so it runs out quickly but a minor issue for me.
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Breville Express
Easy to use and well designed. It's athletically pleasing well designed and easy to use . The grind is fool proof and tampering of the grind is simple and efficient if you follow the guide lines. Cleaning is simple with most parts, drip tray, purger all easy to clean. The one down fall is that the steam wand is lacking a bit of pressure, however after you get use to it. It seems to be able to adjust your self to using it. Final thoughts are that is a very good home coffee machine and is more then adequate for home use.
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This Breville is great
We love it! Very easy to set up and use. I thought it would make making coffee a long slow process, but it’s actually really quick! Bit of trial and error to get all the settings perfect for us, but now we’ve set it, it’s perfect every time! Def recommend if you’re a coffee drinker
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Amazing coffee machine
I can not fault this machine. I love coffee and can appreciate a good one. This machine is very easy to use. Having previously been a barista I was able to use this very quickly. However my flatmates with no coffee experience could easily make barista made coffee. One of my favourite things about the machine is that it grinds the beans and tamps with the same press of a button. It also is a very nice size and fits on the bench perfectly. I am having a lot of fun trying different sorts of coffees. The double shot option is fabulous- if you want a flat white. The steam wand it’s amazing and can make the nice foamy cappuccinos you want. Love this machine and have already recommended it to friends and family
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Batista style coffee made at home
I have used this machine for over a week. Using different beers and roasts. I have found that the machine is both simple to use and gives a perfect crema during extraction that it is so good that it's nearly as perfect as using a commercial coffee machine. I found no fault using the machine that I would recommend it as a at home machine for making a perfect coffee..
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Makes coffee well
We own this machine, and I must say it makes coffee very well. I just find you have to replace filters too often, it becomes a pricey story... as well as cleaning is a pain! We love our machine though.
Amazing Coffee Machine
Amazing machine use it evrey moring to make my coffee.
Excellent product. Easy to use. Kids make me my coffee now.
Great overall
Easy to set up and use. We use it multiple times a day
Coffe machine
We have this at home and its really pretty and easy to use. You dont have to go outside to buy coffe u can just make coffe how many time u like. tbh this machine is my mom dream

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