Chanui English Breakfast Tea Bags

4.7 5 0 12 12 The classic robust tea sourced from the fine dimbulla region of western sri lanka. An ever-popular, full-bodied rich black tea, english breakfast is perfect served with milk.
Chanui English Breakfast Tea Bags


Nice balanced tea
Lovely tea with a great aroma that matches the flavour profile. Bonus points for ChaiNui being a local company.
Chanui Tea
Great refreshing tea. Good flavour and aroma
excellent tea nice n refreshing great to start the day with
love it
better than other brans I've tried, not a tea drinker but if i have to this is the one
Great classic English Breakfast
Have always loved chaNui teas. This English breakfast has a great classic taste. It brews strong and loverly taste. The price is reasonable for a better quality tea =)
Great tea
Really nice english breakfast tea. Full flavour. Great for the price too.
My favourite tea!
Chanui English Breakfast tea has such a unique and rich flavour that I love. I have a cup every night.
My go to tea.
I enjoy a sweet milky cup of tea and this is my go to choice. I love the brand overall but the english breakfast is top of the list as an everyday pick. It is a lovely full flavor without being too intense. It has sweet notes even without extra sugar, if you wish to not add sugar. But if like me you do add sugar it doesn't lose any flavor with extra sweetness added. Highly recomend this brew.
the tea with rich of taste
my favourite morning tea with lovely smell. it's make my day.
Lovley tea
This is our favourite tea and I like that it is a NZ brand. I started buying it for work as I prefer it the the bog standard Bell tea
Favourite English Breakfast Tea
This my favourite English Breakfast tea by far. Many of the other varieties are too weak for my taste and this one is just right. Not too weak, not too strong.
Can't fault this Product
This is the best tea on the Market. No sugar needed, l have mine Black. The smell is refreshing and it's awesome cold.

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