4.6 5 0 17 17 Enriched with natural essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang. With protective ingredients that smooth & condition fibres.
Cuddly Aromatherapy Fabric Softener Relaxing Lavender
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Always leaves my clothes smelling nice and feeling well cuddly always buying it when on special
Doesn’t leave a long lasting smell
I am very fussy with softener and have tried them all. This particular scent and brand did not have a long lasting fresh smell on the clothes. I felt like it was too weak. I used more than the directed amount to try and het the end result I was looking for.
The product has a rich, creamy formula that softens and freshens your whole wash. I've noticed that when I started to use this product, our clothes look and feel newer longer. I've also noticed that I iron our clothes easier than before and drying time has been reduced. And last but not the least, the fragrance with essential oils lasts for a very long time!
I tried and since that I started using. I love how my clothes smell.
Lavender goodness
Love using the cuddly brand, use it very often. Awesome product
Staple in the laundry
Use this every week with my linens and towels. Smells good and keeps them nice and soft. A quality product.
Fabric conditioner
Hello I brought lavender fabric softer and and different scent it gentle in the clothes. Design and label. And lovely Australian brand.
Worth the buy!
Definitely recommend this product, I buy this regularly to make my laundry smell that bit nicer. Especially good to spruce up your linen. My family have sensitive skin aswell and this product doesn't effect is at all so a product I would recommend buying and always having on hand!
Great product
Great product that leaves the clothes soft and smelling amazing 😊
Cuddly Monster
Makes my clothes super soft & smell delish! 😁 Great price aswell!!!
Smells lovely. Leaves clothes smelling nice👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 Doesn't stain. Different flavors. All flavors are great. Definateley use when I can afford it, shenits on special
Always leaves clothes smelling great every wash every time
Smelling sweet
Leaves a great feel to clothes especially towells and sheets
Good product
Excellent product made my clothes softer and the smell was lovely
Great product
Great smell, leaves fabrics nice and soft and is good for sensitive skin. Happy with this product

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