Golden Bakery Crumpets

4.7 5 0 88 88 Pop in the toaster and spread with your favourite toppings for a delicious breakfast or snack.
Golden Bakery Crumpets


We buy two packets a week - easy breakfast or snack option. Smother in honey for cough and cold season, or almond butter and nuts for packing energy in. Used by our 8 month old (cut into strips), 3 year old and us as adults
Love 'em
Great for brekkie or a quick snack after work. I enjoy them best with Nutella or plain butter. Delicious.
Bit of crumpet
Love a hot crumpet smothered in honey or butter or both! Such an easy snack or breakfast.
Simple yet great!
Pack on some butter and Vegemite, let it all melt through the holes and it’s a dream come true! Delicious and great texture, little crunchy on the edges is my favourite!
Quick n easy breakfast
Go to breakfast with butter and jam, can never go wrong
love it
would have these for breakfast all the time only they are now too expensive to buy so i sometimes make my own
Great quick snack
I've been on a nutritional programme the last 8 weeks and this has been on my plan for every single week. My fave toppings are either biscoff or sugar free maple syrup and banana. Definitely a staple in our house now!
Great Quick Breakfast Option
Our favourite tops in our house are, honey, Jam, Golden syrup.
Tasty with so many options
These are a great breakfast option! Easily ready to eat, just pop in the toaster for a bit. Have topped with bacon and a runny poached egg (Hubby has hollandaise with his, I have avocado), for a nice wholesome breakfast. Makes a nice change from normal toasted bread. Have also tried with spreadable cream cheese and strawberry jam for a snack... delicious! The only reason I scored it 4 out of 5, was because the shelf life isn't very long... and have had to throw out before the expiry date as it looked like the ingredients were surfacing. Besides that, they're very versatile. Can be used for sweet or savoury... and can be a snack or part of a main meal, depending how you choose. A decent sized pack for the two of us in our household, and are normally on special at the main supermarkets.
Love them
Our whole family have loved golden crumpets for years. Although we only seem to buy them during the winter months as that is when the seem to be on special. We all prefer them toasted with a savoury topping like marmite or just with butter on them
Easy brekkie
Toasted with honey, jam or just butter - super yummy and easy breakfast. Nice for a change up from toast in the mornings.
Taste good, freeze well
These are great toasted with some butter or cream cheese and jam. They do seem to go off rather quickly, but they freeze well so I'd recommend doing that if you're not going to eat them all within a day or two.
Not my liking
I know this is most peoples favourite. I tried it.. I even forced myself to like it because everyone keeps saying it’s good! But it’s just not for me no matter what spread I eat with it
Brekkie Fave
These are one of my favourite treats for breakfast! They're so yummy and versatile. You can enjoy heaps of toppings on them. My personal favourite is toasting them slightly and adding butter and maple syrup. Delish!
An old childhood favourite
This is one of the very few grocery items that are almost identical to the ones I had as a kid. Most things have changed recipes, shrunk, cheapened, or some other less than ideal alternative, but the good old crumpet has stayed largely the same. Still very much a treat item, as I find a little too much butter and honey finds their way onto my crumpets! Yum!

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