Heinz Seriously Good Lasagne Bake Pasta Sauce

4.5 5 0 11 11 Made with no added colours or flavours, heinz seriously good lasagne bake pasta sauce is a great option for family dinners. Simply pour over a beef or vegetarian lasagne, top with grated cheese and bake until golden brown. Great for cannelloni or lasagne.
Heinz Seriously Good Lasagne Bake Pasta Sauce


A Family Fav
After trying the Heinz Lasagne Bake Pasta Sauce accompanied with Heinz Lasagne White Cheese Sauce. We haven’t looked back. And it’s so easy to make. It ain’t Lasagne without Heinz Seriously Good Lasagne Bake Pasta Sauce. A must try.
Easy to use
Takes the guesswork out of mealprep. So easy to use and makes a delicious dinner.
Works in Spag Bol too
I used this in Spaghetti Balinese and it was so rich and tasteful, Easier and better than making your own sauce from scratch...
It is pretty good
A good sized jar for a standard lasagne but kind of pointless. It's still just as easy to get canned or pureed tomatoes and paste with some dried herbs and mix it all up the same. I had to add more herbs in one because it wasn't strong enough anyway. Good for those wanting quick convenience and only basic cooking skills
Love this sauce the thickness flavour makes a great lasagna
Nice thick tomato sauce. Makes a great lasagne. I add red wine, garlic and herbs etc for an added boost of flavors.
Tasty lasagne bake
Really enjoyed the flavours and the thickness of the sauce. Worked well with lasagne and some added extras
Sorting out quick dinner
Well, it takes a while to make Lasagne from scratch but this ready made sauce is perfect to sort out quick dinner. I was quite impressed by the taste and the flavour. I recommend to all Lasagne lover.
Great tomatoe base
I use this as any tomatoe base. Lazange, stew etc. Super convenient. Makebdinner super easy and add thr white or cheese sause to complete packing your lazange. #lazydinner
Lasagna bake
This is a very good to go for a quick dinner. I have a couple of these jars in the cupboard always handy. Full flavour base stew ..
Only sauce I buy for all my pasta dishes. Has a deep flavourful taste, is perfect for a throw together dinner in a time crunch.

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