Huntly & Palmers Caramellised Onion Baked Flat Bread

4.4 5 0 17 17 The perfect platter cracker! You can’t go past the salty sweet taste of caramelised onion. Light, crisp and perfect for dipping, munching or topping. Made with no artificial ingredients Proudly made in New Zealand.
Huntly & Palmers Caramellised Onion Baked Flat Bread


It's not bad
A nice cracker to eat on it's own, with dip or with cheese. Only downside was the taste wasn't as strong as I'd hoped
These are soo good! Light, crispy and just the right amount of seasoning. Great with avocado, tomato and a little bit of balsamic vinegar for lunch or a snack.
Crowd pleaser
Yum on it's own and as a cheeseboard with all your favorite cheeses and meats. Our 5 yo really enjoyed them on it's own as well which says alot as she is a very picky eater!
Yummy Crackers!
Bought these recently for the first time & we had them on a platter on Christmas Day....delicious!! I'll definitely be buying more when we've finished this box!!
Very nice taste. Easy to use for snacks with drinks and quick to prepare
I loved the flavor and size of the cracker. Perfect for having guests over and delicious with all your favorite toppings.
Tastes good
Has a great taste. Good with hummus. Unfortunately most of my box was broken as if the supermarket staff had kicked it around the back room
Delicious and versatile
We love all the flavours. Cheese platter, afternoon tea snacks with some cheese or hummus. Been buying it for a while.
Crunchy tasty snack
This cracker is different because it is tasty itself let alone whatever you put on it. I like to keep the topping simple so that I can enjoy the cracker. Hummus is always good,
The perfect cracker for a dip
These have been our go to cracker for a few years now. Great flavour and good shape for dipping. They have a nice crunch but not oily. They feel healthier than other crackers which helps.
I love it!
I absolutely love them. Very crispy, and amazing flavor. Perfect for a snack with cheese. Not cheap enough to have them every day, but definitely a nice treat.
Yummy caramelised onion flatbread
Yummy taste. Nice on its own, or with cheese platter and dips.
Great taste
These are great just on their own! Just enough flavour
These were a good add on, to a cheese platter. Can break in to smaller peices, for dips. Would recommend eaten both plan and with cheese platter
Caramellised Onion Cracker
A delightful cracker that pairs well with hummus based dips or is very acceptable on its own. The flavour is spot on and it’s a great afternoon treat.

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