4.5 5 0 65 65 Chunks of John West Skipjack Tuna with garlic and soy sauce in oil. Packed with the essential nutrition of omega 3. Try in a wrap with salad, or mix with your favourite pasta salad ingredient, there are so many ways to enjoy this tasty tuna!
John West Tuna Chunks Garlic & Soy
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pretty nice canned tuna. one of many flavours that i enjoy
The best soft tuna one can eat
The healthiest diet one can ever choose with lots of raw vegetables and a slimming sauce of your choice makes your day
The best. Shredded into nice chunks. Best in salads and in sandwiches. No regrets. Tasty indeed.
John West Chunk style Tuna
Delicious and chunky. Garlic and Soy is one of my favourites. Just love the flavour. Definitely a must for a salad
John West the Best
beautiful refreshing taste with crackers or toast, mets all my requirements
John West Tuna
Super tasty with a green salad perfect for on the go.
Garlic tuna
I really enjoyed it. I will definitely buy it again.
Delicious and chunky. Garlic and Soy is one of my favorites. It is flavorsome and i love the look which is easy to identify on the shelf.
Caned Fish
Very nice can of fish very nice flavour, I would recommend anyone to buy it.
John west tuna
I buy this every week, full of flavour great 2 mix with salads, put in wraps and even eat it on it's own.
I loved the garlic
The garlic taste was very nice plus the chunkiness. I really love garlic and chunky tuna. But I do think there should be a more garlicky taste. Yeah this is something that everyone should buu if u like garlic
This has probably been the best tuna I have ever tried
Taste of item
Even for canned food it has many flavours and this product is quick and easy.
Cost way to much
I fell that if the cost was a wee bit less. It would be a more attractive product for people. It has a very nice taste and would use this again in the future. I found it to be very nice fast on toast at lunch time with a coffee. Would be nice to see it in a bigger can as-well.
John west tuna chinks
This product has a great taste I had it with snacks as a lite lunch because it has many other flavours that you can choose from

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