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Just Juice Fruit Juice Tropical
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Good flavour
This is a good juice drink that does not taste like it’s full of sugar. It is hard to determine a specific fruit flavour which I think is a good thing.
Fruity taste and pure
Family loves this juice we buy this on a weekly basis
Thirst quenching
Very tasty and refreshing on a hot day. Is always at a good price and the kids love it.
Buy this product often. Great at taste and kids love it!!
This drink is interesting. This specific flavour is delicate and fruitful. I like the refreshing taste you get from drinking this drink
Just juice tropical
A bit too sweet for me so I put plenty of ice cubes in and some mint which made it nicer
Simply delicious
Very fruity, refreshingly delicious and not too sweet. I'd definitely purchase this as it is really nice and perfectly complementary with any meal or is great on it's own.
Very sweet
Pleasant taste, however it is sickly sweet. Is only drinkable when ice cold to cut through the sweetness. In saying that, it goes fairly well with gin in a pinch - but again, it has to be ice cold.
Just juice Tropical
Really good taste, definitely one of my favorites.
Just seeing them photo of the juice made my mouth water! 😋 Such an iconic flavour to us kiwis! Yummmmmm!!!
Great taste. Best flavour of just juice that there is
Just Juice Tropical
We really enjoy this fruity juice icy cold from the fridge. We have also tried the new Just Juice Tropical - Puply, which has the same, delicious taste, but comes with the pulp for extra satisfaction. Grandies prefer the one without the pulp.
Not too bad
I buy this occasionally it’s one of my favourites - it’s good combination of fruits and the taste is good as well
When you think Just Juice, this is definitely the go-to flavour. Takes me back to my school days when you were fund raising for the 40 hour famine and all you could eat and drink was Just Juice and Barley Sugars. The tropical flavour is good and refeshing. Would recommend
Love this
We love to drink just juice in our house, the full fruity flavor is amazing, If you are looking for some really good juice, I would say this is the one you want. You can really taste the fruit witch is so good!

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