4.5 5 0 15 15 Special k® original cereal is made from 3 grains of rice, wholewheat and oats. It's a 99% fat free cereal that's a good source of wholegrain, fibre and iron. Made in Australia from at least 96% Australian ingredients.
Kelloggs Special K Cereal
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I have constipation problems but somce I have been using this my tummy feels light n I'm happy
Fast and effective
It's easy to prepare, tasty and great for my digestion.
My favorite breakfast cereal! Adding it with skim milk is makes it a very filling and delicious breakfast.
Filling and delicious
I am a big advocate of special k, I love the flavor and it provides me with a good source of fiber otherwise lacking from my diet, without any bran
Great for fibre
Perfect to have a bowl of all bran for breakfast or snack to get that extra bit of fibre into your diet. Also has a great taste.
Could eat it for every meal
Tastes so good! I could eat this for every meal. I feel that this product makes me feel fuller for loner and I don't tend to snack as much after having this for breakfast. I do wish that it didn't cost as much. (This is not gluten free)
Gud products
Gud products I refer my friends use this product it's too gud
It depends on, if you want to eat this to make you healthy but you don’t care about the taste. Because I know some people that just want to eat healthier but don't care bout the taste because I will say it tastes abysmal, it tastes like socks but I am also aware that It is great for before a good work out and is great in fibre. Thank you
Special K
I liked this cereal, nothing too spectacular just nice to eat
Nice and light , usually add some banana to make it more filling
Special K for the win
I find special K a great option for breakfast, I choose it over other cereals. You can eat it on its own or add berries or yoghurt and it compliments each component well. You should definitely try it next time you aren’t sure what to eat for breaky.
Eating fluff
This cereal leaves u feeling like you have eaten nothing. Do yourself a favour and measure out a actual portion size. Is very different to what u might see on the TV adverts. It's flavour is ok, not offensive but also not overly memorable.
i love Kellogg's Special K though tend to eat it in combination with Kellogg's Sultana Bran for a more flavoursome breakfast. it is okay on its on but a bit blander than i like at breakfast time. Highly recommend it though.
Every morning
I eat nothing but special k for breakfast It’s filling tastes amazing without all the bloating totally recommend to anyone who needs a boost for breakfast or a sneaky but healthy snack
I would love this as we are healthy and breakfast is the most important meal.

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