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Lewis Road Creamery Nz Yoghurt Tub Honey Sweetened
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Little pricier than others but is totally delicious
Try the best
Being a French chef, food quality is extremely important to me. I have tried several yoghurt made in NZ and they all vary according to texture, cream, acidity contents, flavours, etc. This product along with the natural unsweetened version of the same brand (My all time favourite) reinforce my belief about the overall quality of Lewis Road Creamery company. They are amongst the top creamery company in NZ and Australasia and their yoghurt rival with the best ones from southern Europe. It could become a next international standard after Greek style yoghurt. So, price should never be an issue when it is that seriously good!
Great Flavour
I am already a fan of Lewis Road. It has a great flavour. Really loved it.
Love this product
Another winner by Lewis Road Creamery NZ! This one won't disappoint. The flavour packed in this yoghurt is simply amazing! I would recommend this one to anyone who loves a rich and creamy yoghurt!
Thick creamy and not too much honey. Sweetness just right Great product
Lewis road Yoghurt
Its a lovely thick and smooth with just a hint of honey. excellent on its own or for baking
A unique product which we tested and was very good.

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