Libra Maternity Extra Long Pads With Wings

5 5 0 11 11 This libra maternity pads are extra soft and cushiony, highly absorbent and have a top sheet enriched with aloe vera for that extra soft, soothing sensation. <br><br> Libra maternity have a unique bodyfit<sup>® </sup> shape to hug the contours of your body, fit snugly and move with you. Curved wings have been created to hold the pad right where it should be.
Libra Maternity Extra Long Pads With Wings


Libra maternity pads with wings
I found this product great as I have always been a heavy bleeder recommend highly
Best out there
I tried a few pads after giving birth and these were by far the best. Good coverage, easy to use in a sleep deprived haze and I don’t remember leaking even when using at night. I actually sent a friend who had just given birth a pack of these in a gift box.
Amazingly absorbent
I used these with my last pregnancy, so great but I also found they were great to put in my maternity bra at bedtime cos there absorbency was better than nursing pads.
Used these with both my pregnancy and I still use them today not pregnant. No leaks bunching and decent price.
Great product
Overall best pads I tried after birth of my first child. Had tried many brands and this was the most comfortable, least bulky and most absorbent. No issues at all with products, would definitely recommend.
Good for a heavy flow
I personally love this product even though I am not pregnant, it’s big & comfortable especially for the night time because it’s very assuring that there will be no leaks or mistakes. Great for heavy flows & just a big girl in general
These were my go to after my second child. I used them after my first and had no problems, no leaks and they were comfortable. Other brands I had tried leaked or became detached from underwear.
Very comfortable, make you feel like theres nothing but air
Good product .
My wife only used this ones and it really contains heavy loss . Some women have extreme periods and this is for them too.
Postpartum perfection
These pads are absolutely amazing! Super absorbent without being overly bulky or obvious when wearing them! Life saver in those early days of postpartum recovery. An absolute must in your hospital bag and for those days after birth.
My wife did
My wife always buy this product and works well for her. Other product has no wings or too small during her period. She is active and this product do the job well.

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