Magnum Almond Dairy Free Ice Cream

5 5 0 24 24 A velvety dairy free ice cream, dipped in real chocolate and crunchy almond pieces. The delicious and velvety plant based ice cream has a balanced flavour and provides the indulgence of a Classic Magnum, but without the dairy ingredients.
Magnum Almond Dairy Free Ice Cream


Soft, filling and perfect sugar level
Happened to try it from fuel station and been ending up buying random days now. Great options for vegan well I’m not vegan but texture and sugar level quite balanced and chocolate layering was really fulfilling
Heavenly icecream
This ice cream tastes amazing and not too sweet. You can't tell the difference between this one and a dairy one. Definitely a vegan favorite! Yum!
Wouldn't believe its dairy free
As the title says, you really wouldn't believe its dairy free, as it was definitely velvety and creamy. A nice amount of flavour throughout, and I was pleasantly surprised! The only reason I tried it was because my normal Magnum wasn't available, but now this is my go to! Quite rare to find alternative (sugar free, gluten free or dairy free, etc) products that haven't added a more expensive price tag... so this certainly was a bonus.
The best.
It’s for someone who has a dairy allergy Magnum dairy free is the best ice block you can buy, it is one of the very few that doesn’t upset my stomach, as I also have issues with chocolate.
I scream
I mean who doesnt like ice cream… especially magnum! I love all magnum ice cream.. this is flavour is great but the original is still the best!
Been diary intolerant and loving ice cream was pleasantly surprised at the creamy velvety texture of Magnum ice cream. Absolutely delicious, my go to for my sweet fix
Ice cream
Had some lastnight very delicious 🤤.Magnums are a favourite, love the creamy texture of the inside, with the solid almond crunch chocolate covered outside
Almost like the real thing
I bought this for my daughter as she is vegan. Great as she can now join us for icecream
Love these you wouldn't know they don't have dairy, they taste the same as normal ice cream. Would like more flavours in the range. It means you can share an ice cream with others.
This ice cream is delicious. The only downside is that it is not available everywhere.
I love eating these delicious icecreams and don't get a tummy ache from dairy. The only disappointing thing about the product is that they come in packs of 3, and not singles.
Finally a dairy free Magnum!
I was so excited to see a dairy free Magnum and was not disappointed. These taste very close the the original Magnums and are the perfect treat size for anyone following a dairy free diet. I hope they bring out a wider range of flavours soon!
Delicious vegan and dairy free friendly ice cream. It tastes as good as the regular version.
Great product
Really lovey flavors and perfect size. I really enjoy this has being dairy intolerant and even my partner prefers this one over the dairy one.
Best product ever
Taste is good, quantity and quality of product is great highly recommend

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