Much Moore Awesome Fairy Bread Ice Cream

4.5 5 0 4 4 Much Moore have taken your nostalgic favourite to the next level with fairy bread flavoured ice cream, hundreds & thousands and biscuit pieces.
Much Moore Awesome Fairy Bread Ice Cream


Not bad
Pretty average I’m not gonna lie, I would rather have cookies and cream
Highly recommended
The sweetest fluffiest ice cream I've yet to taste. It's perfectly blended and willl definitely leave you floating on clouds every spoonful. No improvements needed would highly recommend
Real delicious creamy . One of the best Ice-creams
Great for party's
My daughter liked this ice cream being pink with sprinkles makes it very appealing to kids, I quite liked it as well though, I've always liked hundreds and thousands on ice cream. I think a vanilla version would be nice too

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