4.6 5 0 45 45 Nature’s Fresh Simply Fibre bread is made using simple ingredients, is high in fibre, and delivers the soft fluffy texture that Nature’s Fresh is known and loved for. Made using unbleached flour, no added sugar or artificial preservatives, three variants make up the Nature’s Fresh Simply Fibre range; Wholemeal Toast, Multigrain Toast and White Toast.
Nature's Fresh Simply Fibre Bread
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Fibre bread
No more bloating ever since I started replacing my breakfast with with this fibre bread
Love this bread it keeps me regular. No more that uncomfortable feeling of being bloated.
Nature's Fresh Simply Fibre Bread
Great tasting, freshness lasts surprisingly long & my kids love it. Fabulous source of fibre!
It is a nice tasting bread and light compared to other brands that make you feel bloated. Always fresh and of good quality per piece.
I have tried this and was good on my digestive since i have a slow metabolism
Great tasting, freshness lasts surprisingly long & my kids love it. Fabulous source of fibre!
Best bread with very good ingredients and very fresh. Buy every week and eat almost every day.
One of the better breads out there, but getting harder and harder to find at the local supermarket.
I saw this wholemeal bread in my supermarket this week and as I am always on the lookout for new breads that are "natural" I decided to give this a try. The slices are soft and they toast very evenly, and what I loved was the bread has stayed fresher longer than any other brand I have bought (we are on Day 4 and it is still great!).
I love this brand. Fresh and very tasteful. The kids love the softness .
Overall one of the better breads out there.
Fresh, always soft and it metes the requirements of my fussy partner that we only eat whole meal/whole grain bread but my requirement that it is as soft as white bread.
even though i always try to choose whole grain and mixed grain bread for my family, even i get cravings to eat white and yummy bread time to time. and nature's fresh bread is the go to bread if we go white. i highly recommend this product to anybody who love fluffy and delicious bread without going for unhealthy bread with no fiber, added preservatives and made with processed flour.
Really yummy and thaws out real nice, also really good for my diabetes with no added sugar
This bread has great texture, is a pleasure to eat and stays lovely and fresh even after being frozen. I love the fibre being in the bread..

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