Otis Oat Milk

4.6 5 0 11 11 Made using 100% kiwi oats, I’m perfect for muesli, by myself, or with a cup of filter coffee. High in calcium and fortified with vitamins d2, b2 and b12, I’m also a yummy source of dietary fibre.
Otis Oat Milk


A staple in our home!
So yummy and the best out there in my opinion (have tried many, many brands as I am lactose intolerant). Love that it doesn't taste watery - it is authentically oaty and filling. Would only recommend that they highlight if it is calcium fortified more clearly for those who use oat milk as a dairy substitute
Creamy oaty flavour
This oat milk is the best ! Creamy and not too sweet. Makes your winter porridge taste awesome.
I have tried many oat milks and this one has proven to be my favourite - good with coffee too
I love this oat milk it is so much creamier than other brands
Great flavour
Great tasting oat milk but out of budget for my regular shopping
A delicious milk alternative
I really enjoyed this brand of oat milk, it added an extra flavour to my morning coffee. Although, I couldn't buy it on the regular because it's just out of my normal budget. But for a treat every couple of weeks, it is wonderful!
Our go to oat milk
One of our weekly purchases as I only use dairy-free milks for baking/cooking and coffees. Love that it is made with New Zealand oats!
Family product
The oats milk was liked by my whole family
Non Dairy Milk
Great tasting mylk for espresso and on muesli. I'm allergic to soy so it is wonderful to have mylk made from NZ oats.
Not a fan of dairy alternatives
I'm not a fan on non dairy milks but this actually wasn't to bad had a good creamy taste and didn't taint my drink as much as I thought it might.
Creamy and delicious
This is one of the best tasting and best consistency milk alternatives I’ve tried. Very creamy. Nice flavor. Works well for coffee. I can’t wait to try their chocolate milk version!

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