5 5 0 3 3 Red Seal has created new Superfoods Multi 50+. A super nutrient enhancer that makes it easy to get the daily nutrients you need, and reap the benefits of nature’s superfoods. Red Seal has combined some of the most powerful superfoods, including fruit, vegetables, herbs and trace nutrients, into capsules that allow you to consume over 20 superfoods every day.
Red Seal Superfoods Multi 50+
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E eryone needs a boost his is a paticularly good product actually works got everything one needs
Awesome product
Very nice i bought this product for my mum she is very happy with the results. Its very good in quality its has all the suppliments. All over its a good product
Red seal is a good brand. If you are lacking in motivation, are stressed and normally have more hectic days than not, this product is a good balancer. And we all know balance is the key to life.
I haven't tried it but would love to try the product
Would like to try this. Do you feel a positive difference taking these?
Amazing product which complete your daily essential nutrients which you can not get directly from food.
Haven't tried yet but hear they are a good brand would definitely give their products a try
This looks like a very good multi vita, something I'm always looking for. Thank you home tester club for letting us know about this product. I would like to try it
my husband is always looking for the best multivitamins to buy and i think this is one he should try. has all the great super foods and nutrients the body needs. thanks home tester club, would love to try it
I definitely want to try this for myself and my husband. Very pressured jobs and tend to neglect the supplements.
I would definitely like to add this to the list of supplements that I take to increase my immunity and fitness levels. Red Seal is a trusted brand and I have been using their products for a while now and I can positively say that this product like the others will be a winner.
I would love to try this product as I am stressed most days and I do not get all the nutrients in as I should.
I Have not seen this product before. would love to try it at home both my husband and I need this
i will recommend this for my mum she is still looking for supplements to take.
Have tried so many vitamins and nothing works for me, so I would like to try this one

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