4.1 5 0 10 10 Get quick and precise results, wet or dry, with the Remington Style Series R4 Rotary Shaver. Featuring a comfort pivot head with slots & dots to easily shave longer scruff and shorter stubble for an ultra smooth shave. Plus the comfort pivot neck and active contour flexing heads respond to your facial contours for a comfortable close shave.
Remington R4 Style Series Shaver
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Easy to use for a very close shave.
Excellent close shave. Good feel. Very easy to use. Easy to clean. Very little tear out of hairs after the first shave.
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Remington R4 Shaver best shaver
The Remington R4 Style Series Shaver has to be the best shaver on the market its easy to use easy to clean. It can be use on dry or wet skin. Would recommend it to others
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Remington shaver
Good if using everyday, but if stubble a bit longer then it doesn't do a great job for me. Tried it wet and dry with same results. Easy to clean.
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Good shaver for normal growth
Seemed to be a good shaver overall. Nice aesthetics and feels good to use. My facial here is relatively fine, whilst still stubbly, it is soft so often mobile shavers struggle to cope.
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Convenient and effective.
The R4 provides ample cutting power for facial hair of any length. From trimming to daily shaving, this shaver is all you need to keep your beard and moustache at exactly the length you want.
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Shave and go, A tidy up story
I used the shaver to tidy up my out of control beard. I found the beard trimer on the back a awesome addition as it helped shave down the longer hairs I had. and using the actual shaver to tidy up my sideburns went a treat. loved how it also catches the hair so I wasn't in trouble with the mrs leaving hairs in the sink. A awesome experience. also the rechargeable battery means I know whenever I need to tidy up I know I'm always powered ready to go
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Time saving without irritation
In the past I have tried electric shavers and developed irritation, even when dry shaving this did not occur with the R4. It also saved time in the morning when getting ready for work.
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Great device for Trimming and shave.
I most say its a very good device and it took only 4 minutes for full face shave. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.
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Remington R4 close and clean shave
As someone that has always used a razor it was quite a shift changing to an electric shaver. I used the R4 wet with shaving gel and found it gave a close shave. Having a short beard the stubble guard was able to maintain my look and I was able to shave accurately with the R4 around the beard. The trimmer feature also worked well. I did find my skin took some time to adjust and while I thought my skin looked red, others when questioned, said it wasn't noticable. With a razor I suffered from ingrown hairs, and found they were a thing of the past with the R4. I was able to go over a week without needing to recharge. Overall a good close shave, with some accessories that can maintain some limited beard grooming. If this fits what you're looking for it's a really good product, and the long battery life and ability to use in the shower makes for a quick, clean and no mess shave.
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I would love to get this for my husband. He would highly appreciate this.

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