Sanitarium Marmite Yeast Spread

4.8 5 0 40 40 An excellent source of b vitamins and completely vegetarian it’s the original yeast spread the whole family will enjoy.
Sanitarium Marmite Yeast Spread


Kiwi staple - of course!
Great taste - we used it on toast, sandwiches (great for lunchboxes) and even have a little bit straight as a home remedy for mouth ulcers (works every time). Long lasting and a staple in our fridge
10/10 how could you not? Marmite on extra toasted vogels w real butter &... Cheese? Lettuce? Avocado? C'mon!
Nice taste
Great taste, not to sour compared too Vegemite and always a nice smooth texture. Spreads well on anything from soft bread to crunchy toast and crackers!!
Good for anything
More than just on toast, Marmite is a good flavour additive in cooking
My favourite!
I love this marmite spread so much it has so much flavour you don’t need to use a lot. Mine lasts 6-7 months with only me and my partner using it. I will forever buy this product it’s a must have in your pantry
What is not to love. YUM
On buttery drippy hot toast, on a crumpet covered with cheese and grilled, as a secret ingredient o my gravy that the family raves about.
would eat this before I'd eat vegemite best with a handful of potato chips on bread
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Can't go past a good marmite on toast! Some like it smothered, others like it spread thin but we all like Marmite in our whanau. Often comes on special too and with 5 people in the house it lasts a while since you don't need lots to get the flavour. Definately a pantry staple in our house.
Go ahead - dig in!
My kids love Marmite. It is such a kiwi classic. The kids eat this every morning for breakfast and no crumbs are left untouched! They specifically ask for marmite on toast!
Family favourite
Our most favourite spread in the pantry, we use it on toast, crumpets, sandwiches, and crackers, I also use it in my gravy. My family in Europe tried it when they came here for a visit a few years ago and loved it, so from then we have been sending some every few months to them as you can’t Buy it over in France.
Our favourite
Our whole family loves marmite, we have for generations. Cannot fault it. We eat it in sandwiches, on toast, baked in scrolls and on crumpets. It is our go to spreed and always have some in the pantry
Great spread for on toast or in toasties with cheese. Kiwi staple
Marmite goes with everything
My favourite use of Marmite is on Crumpets with lots of butter, The flavour is rich, the taste distinctive. I occasionally put a dollop in stew or gravy. There is depth to the flavour. My only problem with this product is the plastic container.
What can ya say
Love marmite on some nice thick bread or on crackers and cheese.
Family favourite
This is a big hit in my household, everyone likes different amounts ! Great for breakfast on toast, in the school lunches or a snack on cruskits after school.. great way to add flavour.

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