4.6 5 0 138 138 Schick Hydro Silk hydrates skin like no other razor can. This uniquely designed razor goes beyond an incredibly close shave to actually care for your skin. With water-activated moisturising serum & 5 Curve-Sensing blades with skin guards to help protect skin from irritation, the Hydro Silk razor leaves skin feeling silky smooth!
Schick Hydro Silk
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Great product
I got given a few heads by a friend who was moving overseas and couldnt travel with them. Have since bought more because I found them to be so much better then the brand I was previously using
Leaves the skin soft, very hydrating. I will definitely recommend this
My fav shaver ever
Used to buy whatever was on special since trying these theyre the Best shaver heads ive used will never change again!
excellent product
i do like these blades as they are larger than most normal blades and easy to grip when in the shower or bath. it is just when putting it down i usually try and put it upside down as if i put the blade side down the sticky pads stick to the surface
Awesome shaving
Whilst I did like this product. I am a bit overwhelmed by the choices available and the price is outrageous.
A close shave
A really good shave product. I’ve tried many and usually get rashes as I have sensitive skin, but this felt amazing and left my skin nice and wasn’t hard to use
Oh my soft razor
Did a good smooth job lovely packed I actually liked this product clean shave
Make shaving easy
Seem tad pricey when you buy them BUT are so easy on the skin and do a good job. Just don't need plastic over the little containers and then the cardboard box.
Great value - Good shave
At first I thought it was overpriced but each blade lasts so long! So definitely worth the price. I liked how great of a shave the blade gave, getting really close leaving my legs extra smooth.
Schick Hydro Silk
my skin literally has a mind of its own , and so when i tried this product for the first time i immediately felt the difference as i was shaving. It leaves you're skin feeling silky smooth.
Hydro Silk
The razor is very smooth and does not leave the skin dry, no harsh bumps and I think the gel lasts a decent amount of time.
Silk hydro razer
I was pleasently surprised by the overall quality of this product. I prefer mens razors as in my opinion are far better than any womens razors however this is the best womens razor i have used. I wood recommend this product to family and friends and i would buy this product again.
This product is very safe to use on any type of skin. it is also smooth and does not leave you with a rash.
Shaves my hair off my skin
It works. Works really really really really averagely
Good but not the best I've tried
Leaves legs feeling smooth . Especially great when used with conditioner

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