4.6 5 0 138 138 Schick Hydro Silk hydrates skin like no other razor can. This uniquely designed razor goes beyond an incredibly close shave to actually care for your skin. With water-activated moisturising serum & 5 Curve-Sensing blades with skin guards to help protect skin from irritation, the Hydro Silk razor leaves skin feeling silky smooth!
Schick Hydro Silk
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Smoooooth legs!!!
This is my go-to razor for travel! So easy to use in a hurry and a closer, longer lasting shave leaves me with more time for the beach instead of in the shower!!
Reliably smooth legs
Overall I found the product to be good; my legs were left feeling smooth and I didnt get cut or have any irritation. Shaving without the fear of nics is nice. I'd be happy to use this product again.
No sting..
Smooth shave and no stinging after using this shave. I love this product.❤️
Hydro Smooth
I absolutely love this razor. I used to only shave with a gilette mach 3. Now I have actually found a womans razor that I can use and replace with the mach 3.
Very good
Its good I did not react like I do with other products
hydro blades
great product.leaves the skin nice and clean.extra blades make a diff for a quick shave.no cuts.nice smooth skin after use
It’s a razor
I liked how smooth it was but my biggest problem is how fast the razor goes blunt and this one was the same as all the rest I’ve tried. I will say, however, that I liked that it didn’t leave my skin with a stinging after I got out of the shower.
Smooth Finish
Absolutely the best, I have tried many razor blades and this one gives me the smoothest results for a longer time in between shaving
Silky feeling
I would recommend this product to all of my friends. The name states true to it's purpose. Absolutely love this product.
Razors with no shave cream
These razors are very nice! No need for shave gel or extra lather, stay sharp beyond 3 uses, dont rust in tub, light weight and flexible ensuring that the hard to reach spots are not hard to shave! Did not get cut or razor burn, made.my legs feel softer than shave gel
I totally recommend this product if woman are looking for the real deal ;)
No nicks!!
Excellent razor! I did not get a single nic on my legs and with 3 kids I have to shave pretty fast, so I'm really liking these razors. Plus it's a great value!
Silky Smooth
Real value for money and highly recommended. Leaves you feeling fresh and silky smooth
Silky smooth
I am always skeptical of purchasing new razors because the blades can be expensive. I felt these had a decent price and they left my skin silky smooth after one swipe. Will definitely purchase again.
super smooth
Used it once makes my leg feeling smooth. shaved again only after a week. super smooth super amazing

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