Sorbent Silky White Tissues

4.9 5 0 26 26 Sorbent white 224s are soft premium 2 ply facial tissues which come in a range of floral and classically designed packs. The convenient larger sized boxes are ideal for any area of the home.
Sorbent Silky White Tissues


I always have a box
These are my go-to tissues. Very affordable, a good amount (they last me around 2 months a box), and comes in multiple box designs. The tissues are okay! They're soft, but not the softest tissue on the market. In spite the name, they don't feel silky on the nose, but they're also not irritating or scratchy on the nose either. They're durable, so if your nose runs like Niagara Falls on a chilly day, you're not likely to blast a hole through them. They're good for that occasional bit of pasta sauce left on the face too. An issue with the tissues I've found is that often when the box is close to being empty, when you pull out a tissue, another won't be pulled up with it - making you have to reach in to grab the next. Overall, it's a good quality product for the price you're paying and the amount you get, but if you want the feeling of an angel caressing your nose, there are better options (which cost about the same but with probably over 125 less tissues).
So soft
The best out there - soft on the nose for all (adults and toddlers), easy on the wallet. Would highly recommend
Very soft
These are soft and very clmfortable to use. There is a lot of hayfever in our house so we use these heaps and they are very nice. I would recommend them and continue to buy them myself.
Winter essential
Can’t go wrong with a nice soft tissue on a sore runny nose in the winter!
Super soft
So super soft and user friendly, my favourite tissues of choice
Soft Tissue
Great product. Soft toilet paper as it says on the packaging.
Nice soft tissues
As it says on the box - nice and soft tissues for your nose. Especially important when sick and have a sore nose from blowing. Definitely a top of the range product.
Soft tissues
Nice and soft tissues for when you have a cold
Must-have especially in winter
We only buy the Sorbent brand of tissues as my hubby says they are the only ones that don't tear when he uses them! Strong, but also soft enough to use on the little noses in our home.
Trust Sorbent
I only buy this brand of facial tissue. They are soft and most importantly they do not break easily.. most tissue shreds so easily and stick on ur skin but not these ones! I stock only these at home
The soft texture you need when you need to use tissues
I had a couple of boxes tucked away in case we got covid, which we did. These are super soft and gentle on your nose. Not at all ever worth skimping on tissues. These are a fantastic go to.
Perfect for colds and flu
So soft on my akready delicate nose And perfect to have around the house for when those unexpected runny noses happen
Softness and Strength at an Affordable Price
Sorbent Silky White tissue has always been our family's favorite tissue. The mixture of softness and strength at a very affordable price has won us over since we discovered it.
Soft but strong
I like these tissues very much. I have recently had a cold and I find most tissues are not adequate to contain a good nose blow! But these do the job and with a softness and gentleness that looks after my poor tired nose! They’re also great for facial use or anything else you’d need a tissue for. I also find I can pop a few in my pocket and once a bit scrunched, they’re still very useable unlike some other brands.
So soft
These were really good to use when I had covid. Good size and strength. And very gentle on my nose.

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