Waimete Pure Honey

4.8 5 0 4 4 Waimete Pure Honey is harvested from the remote native forests of New Zealand. New Zealand native tress create some of the best tasting honey in the world. This honey is lightly creamed by gently stirring it to give it a smooth texture, that has been enjoyed by families all over the world for years. Enjoy on toast, cereal, porridge, in smoothies if drizzle on your favourite ice-cream.
Waimete Pure Honey


Great NZ Honey
Got it when it was on special. Never seen the brand before but it is just fine. Nice attractive packaging. Texture and smiles very nicely, and most importantly it tastes yummy.
Best Honey.
Best Honey that we can buy. We would go through one of these a fortnight. Strongly recommend. The taste is amazing
Honey sweet honey
My family tried this brand of honey a short while back. It had a pleasant taste. It was similar to other brands. It was well priced. It has not been in stock for a while.
Great honey
This is good honey and for a good price, my son goes through alot of honey so good size too

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