Wattie’s Macaroni Cheese

3.6 5 0 25 25 Wattie’s<sup>®</sup> Macaroni Cheese Pasta includes macaroni in a deliciously seasoned creamy cheese sauce. Easy to heat in the oven or microwave, this is a great dinner choice for one on busy days. This macaroni cheese is a source of dietary fibre and a good source of protein.
Wattie’s Macaroni Cheese


Mac and Cheese is the best!
I have always been fond of mac and cheese my entire life so having a quick way to have it I am all for and this product is perfect for it. So yummy and easy to heat. Highly recommend
Mac n Cheese
I’ve found myself on a few occasions running to the freezer for this particular product. It’s safe, it’s quick and easy, it’s priced reasonably and 9 out of ten times I’ll fall asleep content. Is it filling, NO. Could there be more sustenance, Yes….could there just be more? Absolutely! Perhaps adding a few more ingredients to bulk it up, some vegetables and leafy greens will create more layers, more texture and more taste.
Macaroni Cheese
I have tried this product about 4 times. It is relatively good value for money and it tastes quite like home made macaroni but with less flavour. The real cheesy taste is missing. This product is only suitable as a snack, not a meal.
Easy and tasty
An easy to make, tasty meal. Perfect for when you're feeling lazy.
Excellent side dish
A tasty and easy side dish with some sausages. It is filling and one is just enough.
Quick and easy lunch for the busy people
Quick and easy!! Add salt and pepper and it’s delish!! Wish you could get a bigger size.
Watties, good quick meal
This meals are easy, tasty and perfect for a quick lunch or dinner . They are a bit small but perfect for a child lunch or dinner.
Good quick meal!
I have these in the freezer for an easy quick meal, they have a decent amount of protein which is a bonus!
Lacking Flavour
Overall for the price, this is an ok quick meal. It is lacking salt & flavour, but for the price, I suppose it is ok.
Macaroni Cheese
I love to have a couple of these in the freezer to have for a quick lunch on the run! I probably buy a couple once a month. Also great for my 13 year old daughter to have in between dance classes.
Love it
My kids absolutely love the watties macaroni and cheese! Such a tasteful easy meal to chuck in the microwave and ready within few minutes. Makes my life so much easier being able to get these for my kids.
Very Delicious
Love this product and the range that it offers. I have tried the Macaroni and cheese one and absolutely loved. It is very tasty and easy to prepare. Preparation time is very quick and the quantity is just right as well.
Quick and Delicious
It is pretty cheap at the supermarket usually between $3 to $4. It is quick and easy, all you need to do is heat it in the microwave for about 5 minutes. It is one of the better frozen Mac and Cheese meals I have had.
Great for Lunch
I have these stocked in the freezer for days I have nothing to take to work for lunch. Quick and easy. A little bland for me so additional salt and pepper is needed.
on the go
Good for on the go snack but don't forget to add salt and pepper hardly no flavour but a tummy filler

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