Wiltshire Avocado Saver

4.4 5 0 9 9 This gadget will guac your world and keep your avocados fresh and reduce single use plastics with this gadget. Simply strap in half of the avocado and keep in the fridge for ultimate freshness. <br> <li> Keeps avocados fresh. <li> Fits half an avocado. <li> Adjustable strap. <li> Reusable & reduces need for plastic wrap. <li>Dishwasher safe.
Wiltshire Avocado Saver


Wiltshire Avo Saver
Have tried it, but don't like it as in my opinion think a bit of plastic film tightly around the Avo, is far better. The Avo Saver, did not stop the Avo from going brown at all.
It really works
It's great when you find a product that really works well. I use mine all the time.
Great for the kitchen
This product is great for saving your avocados! However, it does still make the avo slightly brown. Small and compact and saves space in the fridge
Great gimmick
I mean it’s awesome it does it’s job but it’s one of those things that eventually gets tossed in ‘that’ drawer in the kitchen and gets lost. But it’s fun
It really works
This is the best device for keeping your Avocados from turning brown. It suits all sizes of avocados and really does work.
It works!
This product works. Left my avocado fresh for days on end.
I love a good avo so I can’t be without this in the fridge , keeps it fresh and green for a few days !
Fresh avos
This product works perfectly to keep your avocados fresh
Avocado saver
Convenient and easy to use , good design and colour

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