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Love it
Love this..nakaka fresh talaga ng mouth..at nakaka puti pa ng ipin..
Deep clean indeed
I'm obsessed with anything that has activated charcoal as it makes me feel clean––and this product did not fail me! True to its name, it really cleans deep––like I just visited the dentist :D
Colgate charcoal
Nice product,it whitens teeth and very fresh to mouth
Smile more often
I honestly love this product! It helps me gain more confidents to smile. I would never settle for any other brand.
Charcoal infused clean
I like this variant of Colgate toothpaste. Given the fact it is flagship brand their infused charcoal really helps to eliminate bad breath and makes your sparkling teeth perfect smile photo ready.
Feels so fresh and clean after every use. Even my nine year old daughter loves this and she always ask me to buy it whenever we go to the grocery store.
Best toothpaste ever
Ever since i used this product i felt the cleanliness within my mouth because of its soothing smell and great ingredients
Ang puti ng ngipin ko
I like it feel na feel mong fresh kana huminga hahaha..
Worth it!
At first I was hesitant to try it. But my curiosity won over my hesitation. It was worth it! My teeth feels so clean! 😊
very good
very good quality and mentholated. fresh breath. di maanghang masyado tamang tama lang
Best toothpaste
This toothpaste is what we always use in our hosehold, it really deep cleanse our teeth. what i love about this product is its very convinient. I would really recommend this
subtle taste
the colgate charcoal deep clean variant is actually ok.my kids can use it. this is part of our grocery items every month, we always buy the pack with 2 tubes inside. value for money.
So Refreshing and it whitens my teeth
I love Colgate Charcoal coz it whiten my teeth and it has a refreshing feeling,every time I used Colgate Charcoal I feel like badbreath free..
Super cool
I love this product it freshen me all the time.. It gives u fresh breath and confidence.
Fresh breath
I love how my breath smell after i brush my teeth.it felts so clean and fresh

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