4.9 5 0 856 856 Simply squeeze this delicious pimiento cheese across any meal. Made from high-quality ingredients for a great tasting cheese that will leave you wanting more.
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A must try
This is my favorite spread to match any bread be it tasty bread or even filipino-made pandesal.
It is very tasty and easy to use. You bring it on outing without worrying that it might spill
Me and my kid is a cheese monster
We love this cheese pimiento!! Perfect for our pandesal and easy squeeze make it more handy and put right back its cap. Convenient for on the go summer cheese sandwich hunger strike.
My kid's all time favorite palaman
Wheneve we go for a grocery, my kids always request Cheezee Squeeze Pimiento and yes this is our all time favorite palaman.
Cheeze SO GOOD!
I've always loved cheese pimiento coz my mom used to make it from scratch. Unfortunately, she became busy and doesn't have time to make one for me. Good thing was I found this product and is readily available anytime.
This Cheezee Sqeeze pimiento is one of my favorite filling in my bread because it realy taste like a real cheese, which is really love. more cheese more fun!!
We usually love spreads specially pimientos..and these product is my no.1 fave besides my children loves this ,it fits my budget as a mom.its almost perfect because its very light packaging
my kids does not like it so much
the taste does not appeal to my kids. it's because of the pimiento. we usually buy the plain one. just my daughter alone can finish one pack in just one day. she likes it with bread
So good
I love it. Its really good with fries and plain bread.
My whole family love this product especialy my kids..
Compact and Resealable
I've been using other cheese spreads before but when this resealable pouch became available, i usually get it instead the fact that packaging is very light and could be easily resealed. Trying gave me no regrets as it also tastes good. It's bene part of my usual grocery list since then :)
We love it
Our family loves this... especially the kids... we enjoy iy
my son favorite
my son3 really love this.. his favorite spread. 😍😍😍😍
I love Cheeze
I love the cheezyness. Match with bread or fries. Easy to use it avoid messy when puting some into bread.
Affordable and easy squeeze
Affordable sya kasi mura na nga di pa tinipid tapos easy to use pa sya kaya madali lang gamitin pwede sya na lang yong bilhin mo kesa sa ibang brand na kapag ginamit mo sya wala ng sarahan dikatulad nito na may takip sya.

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