Arla Cheesy Spread

4.9 5 0 36 36 Arla Cheesy Spread is made from almost 90% of fresh cow’s milk and in a Metro Manila study, 8 out 10 moms who tried Arla Cheesy Spread wants to buy it again because of its mild and creamy taste.
Arla Cheesy Spread


Spreadable, yummy and good
It's a good spread if you want something than the usual cheese spreads in the market. Tastes a little like cream cheese but more friendly. It's saltiness is just right. I like it paired with pandesal and coffee.
Creamy, cheesy, yummy
Arla has just a right amount of saltiness for a spread. It's very creamy and cheesy which I like for a spread because you can eat it without thinking that's it's too salty. This is my go-to spread for my favorite loaf whenever I buy groceries. Right amount of spices to make your perfect merienda recipes.
Satisfying. Creamy. Tasty.
It is creamy but light at the same time. It is so tasty that a non cheesy spread lover will convert in to one.
Creamy and milky texture.
Hindi ko ine-expect na masarap rin pala ang Arla cheesy spread. Kinda new ang brand na ito for me. Gusto ko ang texture nya kasi creamy and milky lasang lasa mo yung milk.
Creamy, tasty, just right
This cheese spread will be a staple in my pantry. Reminds me of the Filipino "Kesong Puti" but more accessible and in spread form.
Love it
This is not my first time to buy an Arla Spread. Im an Arla user for the past year. This spread is one of my family's favorite spread speacially my husband.
Cheesy and milky
Arla cheesy spread has a good taste. It is not overpowering. I am actually consuming the cheddar variant and I like the original variant more. The price is a bit higher than other brands but still worth a try. Thank you, HTC and Arla!
Creamy, strong , salty
ARLA cheese spread is my new fave actually i've been consuming arla for several months now, i already consumed several arla products and right i bought 2 bottles of arla cheddar cheese flavor. The flavor is kimda strong though and it has this distinct flavor that i cant describe but love it. Although you have to spread a little bit only cause it has a strong flavor, well...that the downside of this cause since i love cheese,i put too much on my bread, and since arla has a strong flavor i have to put a little bit. But since arla is delicious, i still buy it online every month or until my supply is gone .
milkier, tasteful,cheesier
It was not the first time that I have tasted, Arla Cheesy spread. So I can honestly say that that from the first time I have tasted it, I fell in love with it. That is why I am so happy that I'll be reviewing it. Arla, compared to other spreads was milkier, cheesier in taste. It has no salty taste and after taste as well. For me, it was a perfect match for my bacon and egg sandwich. One will never go wrong with Arla, perfect for my sandwich with lettuce. The good thing also was it's very affordable and an easy find in the market.
cheesy simple likeable
this cheese spread is one of the best I've ever taste so far. super cheesy but not too salty. Super love it on hot breads, toasts and pandesal in the morning. A must have at home.
Smooth creamy mild
Smooth texture and creamier taste love it in a toast especially at breakfast.
Milky, better as dip, runny
Arla cheesy spread is quite runny to my liking. It is better as cheese dip for nachos than spread for bread as it is runny, it spreads thin and doesnt add much flavor to the sandwich. But delicious nonetheless, as nacho dip along with salsa and ground beef
The taste is extremely good especially if you want to switch to a more milky and creamy spread. Will definitely purchase again..
creamy, smooth, perfect
Arla is the perfect cheesy spread for me so far because i dont like salty cheese spreads or with any other blends with it, i like my food a bit like me, simple yet amazing.
Milky naturally healthy
It is easy to spread. Everyone in our household loves it. It has a mild cheese flavor, more on a milky taste, that you can counsume it straight from the jar. You can partner it with anything.

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