Bench Baby Gummy Bear Cologne

4.9 5 0 21 21 Baby Bench Colonia is gently scented and has a non-irritating formula, especially formulated for you and your family’s delicate skin,
Bench Baby Gummy Bear Cologne


Branch baby cologne
Ang Ganda mg product na to nakakatuawa kc Ang lamlbot mg buhok ko at laging mamabungo at smooth feel ko na lagi along baby comfortable at good smeell and also perfect to recognize noting product nato thanks you po
smells fresh
a bit lasting when put on clothes but not as much when applied on skin. not so harsh and my 1 year old baby doesnt get irritated even if he has sensitive skin. affordable and easy to get since even the store nearby had it. definitely recommended.
I love bench cologne
Me and my kids love this bench cologne. It makes us feel fresh and smell fragrant this product is mild
My mom loved this and so I!
This baby bench colonia is not new to me! I have tested the sets of this one, the other colors! It smells really great and it doesn't hurt my nose! I will recommend this so much!
Gentle smell
I really like this product because it has a very gentle/Suttle smell which can be used by babies, teens or even adults.
Nice cologne
I started using it since high school. It has a very fresh smell that's why I love using it. It is easy to find as well on any local stores.
Good QualityBrand
Good QualityBrand soo much thankful for this brand,,it helps my baby feel comfortable anf fresh all day long,,, must purchase more of this product thankful amd gratefull
Super bango and super bango kay Baby
Love it and super bango for me and baby. It is also affordable and easy to find sa store. Most recommended.
Mild ang amoy niya bagay sa mga bata o nagdadalaga
Smells Like Baby
I use this way back High school Life. hehe It's nice when I saw this again on super market last month. I really bring memories . eto yung cologne na gentle ang smell and Fresh and fragrance. must have talaga to lalo na sa mga bagets.
hnd lang pang baby pang adult din
well live this scent coz hnd lang xa for son is already binata na so marami na din xang kaartehan sa katawan.pero most of the time i still get the final deciaion kung anu ang bibilhin for him so he was asking for a cologne gsto nya un strong ang amoy eh ayaw q nun so sabi q aq maghahanap then nakita q tong bench baby cologne un ang binili q sa kanya nun ginamit nya nagustuhan nya and i also love the scent kc hnd xa girly hnd dn matapang mild lang xa pero mabanho..kaya since eto n un gamit ng eldest son ko na pabango
No more smelly baby!
We have a lots of baby in the house and this cologne is a must have! More gigil to my pamangkin's because of there fragrance! plus the fact that this will stay long. The fun fact here is that I am using it also. Hahahahhahah
I really love the smell ❤️
Matagal na Kong user NG bench cologne. Since high school user na talaga ko. Ngayon na may baby na ulit ako, 2 na kami gumagamit. Sobrang bango kasi, and hindi sya ganun katapang. Hiyang pa NG baby ko. Hindi sya irritated kapag ginagamit nya to.
Me and my son's favourites baby cologne
Me and my son's are regular users of baby bench colognes..Me since highschool till now with my son,.I love it because, I have sensitive skin and doesn't cause any irritation on my skin as well in my son. I also love the smell which is not strong..
etu gamit ng mga kids ko mabango at affordable sya

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