Binggrae Lychee & Peach Flavored Milk Drink

4.9 5 0 35 35 Binggrae Lychee & Peach Flavored Milk Drink is a sweet lychee & peach milk that many Koreans drank during their childhood. It goes well with any snack and tastes delightfully sweet.
Binggrae Lychee & Peach Flavored Milk Drink


I love this product . So yummy and affordable price
To go Milk Drink!
Binggrae milk drinks never disappointed me, but the Lychee Peach flavor is my favorite. This drink is not too sweet compared to other variants. It is so creamy. You can really taste the lychee and peach flavor when you take a sip. Feels like in a k-drama movie everytime we pair it with our favorite ramyeon. A to-go drink to destress. <3
Lychee and Peach milk drink
Masarap yung pagka blend ng lychee and peach , gustong gusto siya ng mga pamangkin at anak ko .. Super loved nila yung lasa .. Eto yung masarap na blend at flavor na gusto ko aside from banana 😊❤
i like the taste
i like the taste . another flavor na gusto ko aside sa banana
Lychee and Peach Milk Drink
Masarap Sia Satisfied amn mg aanak ko Gustong gusto nila sana Makaranas ng Free Product nio
Comfort drink
I super love the blend of Lychee and Peach. Its smell is very relaxing and tastes heavenly! This is the perfect drink for me during my online class break. I feel energized after taking it. I will surely buy it again!
Refreshing Taste
I really love this product. I used to buy banana flavor and when I saw this I didn’t hesitate to buy and try it right away! It’s so refreshing and tastes good. Kids love it even the adults! Will buy more of this again.
Before finding this flavor I only buy banana flavor. But then I discovered this one because of a friend of mine and it became one of my favorite. You will not be disappointed when consuming it. It is very delicious and I really can't get enough of it.
Excellent taste
I'd tried to buy 2 pieces of this item at a korean grocery store and out of curiosity I tried it and it is really mind blowing. I'm impress with the flavor and I cant stop buying the item over and over again and my son loves it too. So I highly suggest it to everybody who loves drinking milk.
I love it. 🤩🤩
Well, I love other Binggrae Milk Products. Specially the Melon and Strawberry. However, this new Peach and Lychee Milk, is also great. I really like the combination of Peach and Lychee. It really blends and it taste so good. 😊
Taste of Korea
Lychee and peach flavored milk from Binggrae is a very fragrant milk that is very different from the taste pallets of Filipinos in my opinion. But that different taste, is really good! It tastes like a candy but a healthier one! So if you want a kick of sugar in your body or if you need some sugar rush, why not try this lychee and peach flavored milk! Im sure you will like it! It also has different variants like my fave which is the banana and strawberry ones💓
My favorite drink
This is my favorite drink combo with korean ramen. ❤️ It has an aroma that's really relaxing and I would definitely buy this everytime I wanted to feel good especially when watching Kdrama.
yummy😍😍😍💯legit besh😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
A Must Try Drink!
The Product has very good aroma and has a balanced sweet and fruit/floral taste. The texture of the milk is very smooth. One thing to improve is the product volume since Filipino Ready To Drink products have usually bigger volumes in contrast to the peoduct.

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