Cadbury 3-in-1 Hot Chocolate Drink

5 5 0 32 32 A delicious hot choco drink with a warming, comforting and uplifting effect. It is easy to prepare -- just simply add warm milk and enjoy the delicious chocolate and melt in the deep sensation of sweetness and dark fantasy of clear and clean chocolate goodness.
Cadbury 3-in-1 Hot Chocolate Drink


The best choco drink!
These been my favorite choco drink ever since i tried it. It really tastes good and delicious I've tried so many choco drinks but this one literally stands out fr. My family also love it!
Super Yummy Cadbury Hot Chocolate
I love hot chocolate specially the Cadbury product. Since I was working abroad I usually bought it, its part of my daily life. Each member of my family specially my sister and my mom love it so much! 🥰 ❤️
super yummy i really love the flavor.. also my kids loves it
An honest review.. of all those chocolate milk I've tasted, this product is really the best one for me! You can taste the authentic chocolate to it and it's really worth the price. Great product, indeed.
Delicious treat for kids
Not only my kids love it but also us adults. It gives us the feeling of being kids again
I love the chocolate flavor sobrang sarap
Cadbury 3 in 1 Hot Chocolate Drink
This chocolate drinks are my kids favorite. The taste and aroma is perfect in everyday start of the morning routine. It has perfect blend of coccoa and sweetness. This always boost the energy of my kids.
Good buy
This choco is very good. Not too sweet too!
If you're a chocolate drink lover this is the one for you. The sweetness of sugar ia not over powering the tasty goodness of cadbury chocolate
My favorite chocolate coffee
Gusto ko ng flavor na chocolate sobrang sarap
I like it..
Go to drink. Its so creamy and not too sweet.. I recommend this product to everyone...
chocolate lover attract!!!
it's so good! yummy taste! chocolaty! a must trt😀😄
Excellent drink for choco lovers
I love the taste.very chocolaty .im a choco lover and it satisfies my cravings for choco.
Those who love chocolate, highly recommend this product. It's so chocolicious
Very sweet
Cadbury chocolate is a childhood favourite, this chocolate drink was sweeter than I would have wanted and I was hoping for a richer chocolate taste. But this is still a good comforting cup and a nice start to a good morning :)

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