Charmee Menstrual Pants (Medium)

5 5 0 22 22 It has a super absorbent pad, perfect during your heaviest days or overnight, as it locks liquid in and keeps your skin dry.
Charmee Menstrual Pants (Medium)


Worth the price. And I'm always using it super comfortable and the best Among the rest.
Best thing to buy if you have mens
With this product I can sleep in any position without worrying that I will have blood stain on my bedsheet. Feels like you're wearing an underwear only so comfortable
my pads
this charmee sanitary napkin is 1 of my use pads for my period day because no leak and no tagos to my bed for my time to sleep and super lowest price sanitary napkin and i recommend to my friends and work mates this napkins
Best Partner for Monthly Period
This menstrual pants is the best product for me, no leakage and you are confident to use it even at night, no need to wear panties during periods! Best also to use after labor, easy to wear than using adult diapers.
Cottony Charmee
The best solution to heavy period! I love how easy it is to wear and remove. I can wear it for 5 hours without to worry the leaks in my pants at work. Definitely recommended to my friends and colleagues. Plus it is affordable too!
Perfect for overnight periods
Super absorbent and has never let me down during the night! I’m always worried about bleeding all over my sheets at night during my heavy days but with this, I can sleep peacefully knowing that I won’t have any problems in the morning. Super recommended!
Life saver
All i can say is try this because it's an amazing product.
Life saver
I really love this product! This is an ultimate life saver for me!!! Been using this for almost 2yrs already. It would really remove all your doubts and worries that you will have a back leak on your heavy days! Especially when you are travelling. This is my go to pads on my first three days. Very comfortable and soft. The only down side with this is if you need to change yku reallg need to remove your undies and oantd that would be the only hassle part. I've been stocking my own supploes because lately I've noticed it is usually out of stock
Good red days
Good to use good to use ,best pad ever no leakage
Life saver! No tagos, no problem!
For someone who has pcos and has a heavy flow this is one of the must haves because it saves me from constantly checking if i have any leaks everytime i move, definetely a must try!
Best product for super strong days
My red days have only 2 settings, spotting then gushing. Using this product really helps me during the gushing period because i know there will be no leaks or stains left on the bedding.
Wow a Great Menstrual Pants
Super great menstrual pants its easy to use, everytime i have a monthly menstration its always help me to move nothing to worry about tagos thank you Charmee
Affordable and so soft..
It's affordable and it's doesn't irritate my private area...
My red days savior! Ive been using this for a long time now, its cheap and very reliable. It does its job and thats great!
Easy to wear
Eeasy to wear . Comfortable to move with your period . No worries with tagos .

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