Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 5 0 46 46 They are made of wholesome ingredients, including real chocolate and cocoa butter. These Ahoy chip cookies contain no trans fat and zero cholesterol. They provide just 160 calories per serving and boast a crisp melt-in-your-mouth texture with a delicious chocolate taste.
Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies


Good to for snack for our little one.
Napakasarap po nito. Ito yong gusto ng nga chikiting ko. D to nawawala talaga kapag mag grocery kami. Ito yong binabaon nang anak ko.
My all time fave. Taste like my mom's home baked cookies. I'm not really good in baking so I gave these to my sone and he loves it.
Chips ahoy
Still masarap pa din sya since day 1 na natikman ko to, Lalo na ung isa din product ng chips ahoy ung Chunky flavor... I recommend this product, my kids loves it... always dagdag sa baon nila everyday
Love it
Sobrang yummy nya favorite to ng babies ko di sya nakakasawa
Its nutritious and delicious
I always buy this nutritious product very satisfied.
Me and my family
My daughter and husband love this cookie because its delicious!!
Handy Snacks
Chips Ahoy! Great handy snacks which you can bring anywhere and everwhere! For sweeth tooth like me, this is definitely a must. Good food makes hapoy soul!
Love it, great cookie would buy it again.
All time fave
Basta mapadaan sa 7 eleven,matic na mapapabili na agad ako nito,paboritong cookies ng anak ko.Hindi kasi sya sobrang tamis gaya ng ibang cookies..Pag nagbbyahe hindi ito nawawala sa baon naming kutkutin.
Favorite Go To Snack
I love this as a kid and my kids love it too! packaging is good for when you are traveling, easy to open, great for snacking and sharing! we partner this with warm milk at night and a nice disney movie!
Me and my daughter love's chip ahoy so much..It's an easy snacks that you can easily packed whenever you go, plus the flavor is really mouthwatering
masarap to .gustong gusto ng mga anak ko to.hndi nakaksawa kainin.
Chocolatey cookie
I'm a sweet tooth so this is a great snack for me. I love how they use a real cocoa for their ingredients and sugar content is low which I prefer the most. Not too sweet and just right. A must try and recommended for friends!
Chips Ahoy
One of my favorite chocolate cookies,so delicious,perfect for hot choco or coffee,perfect add to ur mouth melting desserts or put this on top of ur ice cream or making some desserts,baking and many more.i love it and i like of cookies u won't ignore to have some.I want more more and more.Taste satisfaction gotcha .
My Favorite
This is my all-time favorite..when i was in school and until now

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