Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 5 0 73 73 They are made of wholesome ingredients, including real chocolate and cocoa butter. These Ahoy chip cookies contain no trans fat and zero cholesterol. They provide just 160 calories per serving and boast a crisp melt-in-your-mouth texture with a delicious chocolate taste.
Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Chip Cookies


Fave Snack
I really love this cookie and is my go to. I always grab this in the grocery store. I love how it melts in your mouth and the taste is very rich. Writing this review made me crave for more. Will always recommend this.
Best chocolate chip cookie!
I love Chips Ahoy! It’s so yummy! Best paired with cold, fresh milk.
Worth the Price!
Tried several cookies which are in favor of our family's liking. This Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie is the king of all the cookiesssss! We never forget this in our grocery bags and sa baon ng aking panganay!
favorite to ng anak ko. palaging hanap ay cookies. super worth it nito. hindi tlaga tinipid
It is the favorite of my two child. I hope you can choose me to try your products!!!
Childhood favorite!
It always brings a smile on my face when my mom used to bring me pasalubong especially this one. More happier when I get this as a baon for my school. Love the chocolate chips and so flavorful. Yummy and balance in sweetness. It always brings back the memories and happy days when eating this. Up until now it is always on our grocery lists!
For kids and kids at heart
Really love this cookies! Chips ahoy lover. Even my kid love this as well. Better if paired with milk or coffee. Anytime or on the go.
Excellent Product
Ang sarap ng chips, hinahanap-hanap ko talaga yung lasa nya.
who doesnt love chips ahoy
i like this cookie bec it brings childhood memories. i like to pair it with coffee. comfort food.
Love it!
Gustong gusto ko ito at Ng mga kids ko, Tama Ang sweetness at crunchy.maganda pambaon Ng mga Bata. Hindi nawawala sa grocery list ko.simula Ng matikman ko to nagustuhan ko na at Ngayon may anak na ako gusto din nila.
Chips A
It's has a lot of chocolate and it very delicious.
My all-time favorite snack! So tasty and yummy, always good to go with this chips ahoy snack! I can partner it with my coffee or chocolate drink all the time. I highly recommend these chips!
Good to for snack for our little one.
Napakasarap po nito. Ito yong gusto ng nga chikiting ko. D to nawawala talaga kapag mag grocery kami. Ito yong binabaon nang anak ko.
My all time fave. Taste like my mom's home baked cookies. I'm not really good in baking so I gave these to my sone and he loves it.
Chips ahoy
Still masarap pa din sya since day 1 na natikman ko to, Lalo na ung isa din product ng chips ahoy ung Chunky flavor... I recommend this product, my kids loves it... always dagdag sa baon nila everyday

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