Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

4.8 5 0 902 902 Keep your toilet germ-free, sparkling clean, and smelling fresh with the new Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Now in Lemon & Lavender.
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Very effective
The product is good quality, good smells and very recommended
tough stain cleaner
The bottle design makes it easy to apply, let it soak for 10 minutes, then scrub the bowl clean. Once cleaned my bowls look brand new again!
Disinfect and cleanse the bowl
Disinfect and cleansed the bowl thoroughly. Been using it to clean kitchen sink also.
Clean smell nice, easy to use
It has fresh smell and effective cleaning toilet bowl.
I love the Lavender variant!
I love the scent of both lemon and lavender but I love lavender the most. The cleaning is really effective. I only have a problem with how the product squeezes out of the nozzle. I hope it has a more sharper tip. But overall, it's an effective product. Definitely worth it
cleans and disinfects
I like using Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner as it cleans and disinfects our toilet bowl. It also leaves a good odor. But it seems it cannot remove the tough stains on the inner rim of our toilet bowl. Also, I wish the spout of the bowl cleaner has a detachable nozzle/straw like that is thin and long so it can reach the inner rim of the toilet bowl. By the way, the scent didn't last that long.
Effective No pungent smell Whitens
What i can noticed first about this toilet cleaner is that it doesn't have a pungent smell. I soaked our toilet in clorox for around 10-15 mins and it turned out really clean and white. Great job!
Effective. Safe. Sanitizing.
Clorox Toilet Bowl cleaner is a great product, the snout effectively cleans hard to reach areas of our bathroom, the only thing that could be improved is the scent, the lavender and lemon scent isn't strong enough, it still smells like strong bleach but overall it is great for cleaning stains in tiles and ceramics.
Doesnt have harsh smell
I really liked the product as well as my aunt. The packing was good.
Kills germs and bacteria
clorox toilet bowl cleaner leaves good smell, kills bacteria and germs and remove tough stain. I love it.. I will purchase it next time.
Effective Easy to use Nice scent
What i love about clorox toilet bowl cleaner is that the effectiveness of the product. It it really removed all the dirt and smell of the bowl after cleaning. After trying it for 5 days i can say that it really does it job in removing stains. I also love the lavander scent because it does not have any strong chemical smell.
Smells good
I like the product and definitely recommend tonothers
works like magic!
Been a zonrox user eversince, and I'm so excited that they finally have a toilet bowl cleaner. Works like magic! Removes stains.. thumbs up!
Dependable, affordably, quality
I like the product esp it’s made by Clorox. Packaging seems sturdy. Product itself is effective. Smells truly clean. The bottle nozzle though seems weak. I’m afriad it will break easily if it slips from my hand.
Smells good and very effective :)
I used it right away when I got it and I was very happy with the smell and performance. I'll definitely purchase this!

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