Cobra Energy Drink Regular Pet Bottle

4.5 5 0 34 34 Contains safe levels of caffeine, and sugar as safe stimulants an for instant energy boost and increased mental alertness. It also contains high-quality B-vitamins that help the body get more energy.
Cobra Energy Drink Regular Pet Bottle


Sonrang lakas makaenergize!
Very recommended ko' to sa mga mabibigat yung trabaho, then laging puyat. Nung umiinom kasi ako nito kailangan ko talaga para alert sa trabaho. As in diko nararamdaman yung pagod, pero wag sobra ang pag-inom kasi di na din ako nakakatulog.
Bang for buck energy drink
Best in the budget market. Cheap yet effective as advertised. Kept me up during workouts
True power
I've tried it for a countless times. Hence ,its impact on my performance was truly effective. I think this energy drink was made not just to its flavourful taste, but also to helping to boost up your body endurance. Awesome.
Cobra review
This drink is truly energizing. It is really helpful for us students who work at night in keeping ourselves awake. Everything about this drink is great and I recommend it for sure but must be in moderation.
Good energizer
I work at night. I normally drink this when I feel super sleepy.
Really helps!
I was still in college when I discovered cobra, aside feom I love how it taste it really helped specially during my thesis, imagine being exhausted from practice teaching but i still have energy to do my research papers
First Time to try Cobra
First time I try Cobra, when I first did my night shift and it was very effective during my shift but when my rest day came I cant sleep for hours, maybe because I consume it for 4 days straight, like 1 bottle per day. Aside from I cant sleep I no complain for the product and I also like the flavor
As a bpo agent. This one instantly wakes me up when my body and soul really wants to sleep lol
energy drink
I always buy this product because it keeps me alive and active when i feel sick, tired and sleepy.
Cobra Energy Drink
I always drink this especially when I'm going on a long drive. I love the distinct flavour. It keeps you energetic and awake.
Go-to energy drink
Readily available energy drink in the market. Keeps you awake and energetic after drinking. Cheap but works well. Would prefer if the flavor will be toned down as it is almost similar to an antibiotic syrup. However, will still buy again as it really works.
Energizes your body right away
I love how cobra energy drink immediately energized my body especially during my drained moments. It makes me alert and feeling fresh even after having a whole day of work on site. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to be energize and be able to continue work efficiently.
sobrang sarap
nakaka energize po ang cobra energy drink
It's good
I like it and it keeps my energy high for a day but I highly suggest to add more new flavors!
Cobra energy drink
My savior when I'm feeling exhausted from work, this never fail to make me feel energetic.

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