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Happy smile
No doubt colgate is no.1 toothpaste...charcoal really whiten teeth.A must try i recommend it and see for yourself.
Sakto ang anghang at di nagmamark sa ngipin ung charcoal, madali maalis pag mumog plng.🙂
it's good! would likely to use it more in the future.
Works good!
Works pretty good! kinda weird taste but it does help keep my teeth nice and clean and does deep clean. I have noticed that my teeth have become a bit more whiter using this toothpaste everyday
Colgate since 1995
Its my toothpaste since im a child and until now .. becoz its a nice toothpaste .. thankyou
ive used this product and highly recommend to everyone makes me feel comfortable and confident enough to smile always!
great toothpaste
This was a really good toothpaste ever have. Great and fresh breathe
highly recommended
We are using this toothpaste now and i feel so fresh and clean after brushing my teeth, I highly recommend this product 😚
A must try toothpaste
I’ve been using this for almost 2 Months now and i can say that it really makes my teeth stronger and giving fresh breath! Definitely a must try! 👍🏻
The best toothpaste ever
I recommend you all to try this. I recommend you all to try this. I recommend you all to try this. I recommend you all to try this. I recommend you all to try this. I recommend you all to try this.
Great buy
This is the only toothpaste brand in the phils recommended by my dentist.
Gentle Yet Strong
I adore this product, I have been using it for months now. My teeth always feel so smooth and clean afterwards. Also my breath stays really fresh for longer further proving how well it cleans your mouth. It's a must buy.
Favorite brand!!
This is my favorite so far sa lahat ng colgate products, light and katamtaman lang ang pagka mint unlike sa ibang brands. My teeth feels so clean after every tooth brush session ko.
Same Colgate toothpaste with a layer of charcoal
Same flavor and mint with subtle taste of charcoal; does not overpower the toothpaste texture and color
It just keeps getting better
Colgate has been with my family generations to generation. Its like the best thing that ever happen for our teeth. Colgate never fails to innovate I may say this one is what I love the most on all the kinds of Colgate toothpaste due to the charcoal effect in making my teeth white, I dont have to waste money for dentist that will cause a lot just to make my teeth white, it does not just freshens my breath but its all clean. Colgate does it for me. I love Colgate. I am proud as a Colgate user.

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