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Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste
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Colgate charcoal DEEP CLEAN
I've been using this toothpaste for a few years now and I really love how it makes my mouth feel so clean and fresh. It's not the cheapest toothpaste in the grocery shelf but it's totally worth it!!
Our toothopaste
So we're currently using this toothoaste as of writing. It's good and refreshing. Kaya lang may parang after taste pagkabrush mo. Can't explain yung lasa pero okay naman sya.
Charcoal deep clean
This is our toothpaste for quite sometime now. My partner loves the effect of it after brushing. It leaves a complete satisfaction in the teeth thus it really feels deep clean as how it was advertised.
It's a excellent product try it at home.
Colgate are to me a trusted brand, and it is nice to see that their charcoal infused deep clean paste does not tout whiteness, but instead focuses on a broader number of benefits,which does include stain removal, tartar and more.
it really whitens my teeth and has a good taste. more often i buy it on sale coz its a little bit pricy.
The Best!
Maganda siya sa teeth unang una dahil charcoal, isa siya sa pampaputi ng ngipin.. lahat ng toothpaste ng colgate maganda.. proven and tested na sa magatal na pahanon.. madalas na ginagamit ng pamilyang Pilipino
helps clean teeth
Maganda syang gamitin sa ngipin ahil my charcoal deep cleanser sya,nakakaputi ng ngipin.
Its cool☺️
All day freshness of course even if ur finish to eat barbecue☺️😅
Happy smile
No doubt colgate is no.1 toothpaste...charcoal really whiten teeth.A must try i recommend it and see for yourself.
Sakto ang anghang at di nagmamark sa ngipin ung charcoal, madali maalis pag mumog plng.🙂
it's good! would likely to use it more in the future.
Works good!
Works pretty good! kinda weird taste but it does help keep my teeth nice and clean and does deep clean. I have noticed that my teeth have become a bit more whiter using this toothpaste everyday
Colgate since 1995
Its my toothpaste since im a child and until now .. becoz its a nice toothpaste .. thankyou
ive used this product and highly recommend to everyone makes me feel comfortable and confident enough to smile always!
great toothpaste
This was a really good toothpaste ever have. Great and fresh breathe

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