4.9 5 0 1309 1309 Freshen up with Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste.
Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean Toothpaste
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For a pearly whites, hava charcoal when you brush.
With its price and the name colgate, it does its job to help your teeth to whiten. You'll have your dream of pearly white teeth with Colgate Charcoal Deep Clean.
Happy smile
Di ka mag sising gamitin fresh breath talaga,maganda ito lalo na kung mahilig ka kumain ng kumain ,basta masipag ka lang mag brush ng ipin mo,di muna kailanga gumamit ng mouth wash.
The best toothpaste ever...😀😀
The best toothpaste ever. Ito yung toothpaste na affordable na mura pa..
Colgate lovin' the charcoal
The best toothpaste for me and my family... :) i have been using this toothpaste for years now and it never failed me.. thanks.
good feedback
been using colgate charcoal since i had braces.It deeply cleans my teeth.Its a PDA tested and i love the taste of it.😊👍
Charcoal Deep Clean
I got it to try and It has great taste! Safe and it's good for daily use
Yellowish to Whittier
So, yeah my dad influenced us to use this product he said that it was perfect for me to use because I have had a yellowish teeth and I tried a lot of toothpaste but when my dad discovered this toothpaste after a week a we saw the improvement of our teeth. It is whittier now than before. We keep using this until now. Also, I feel the cool effect of this when you used it. Worry less, isn't it? Try this now.
Cool n cool n bibig...ang sarap niyang gamitin ..tuwang tuwang mag Toothbrush anak ko
I love this colgate, my teeth is now whitier now..and,this toothpaste ios my favorite
Excellent product
Excellent item. i highly recomend to friends and relatives
Toothpaste Review
The best colgate toothpaste that I've ever tried. It brings freshness to your mouth comparing to other toothpaste.
My favorite toothpaste
I really love this product I am very particular when it comes to toothpaste coz I have sensitive gums but this one is really good in inexpensive
Fresh breathe lagi
Very good product for our oral hygiene. Fresh breathe kami lagi.
toothpaste Colgate
Unfairness maganda sya gamitin unlike sa ibang brand ng toothpaste
Awesome toothpaste
I thing colgate is good brand when it comes to toothpaste. I recommend this basically becauae this is the product i use and its a good product.

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