4.9 5 0 95 95 Enjoy Freshness Between Brushings with new Colgate Plax Ice Infinity! Colgate Plax kills over 99% of bacteria. 24/7 Bad Breath Control helps control bad breath 24 hours a day with twice daily use. And, because it does not contain alcohol*, there is no burning taste! Try this for the intense icy-cool freshness of Eucalyptus and Wintergreen! <br><br>*does not contain ethanol
Colgate Mouthwash Plax Ice Infinity
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Colgate mouthwash plax ice
From a mouth source that this product is good, I bought mine. And as I tried it I also recommend this mouthwash if you guys like to have a long lasting fresh breath.
Love the fresh feeling
Been using it for a couple years. it was shared from a friend of mine. I start from buying a small bottle then recently bought the big one. Will share to my friends and relatives too.
Very good
Tried and for the first time and my mom used it every day.
Refreshing and not to spicy
This is the brand we use at home. So refreshing and its mint is not too spicy.. Love it 😍😍
confidently fresh in the mouth
the first time my husband and i tried it. it is refreshing and gives you an icy mint and lasts longer. we are a fan of this product.
I love it! It gives cooling sensation and fresh breath that lasts longer
Fresh Confidence
First of all I was afraid to try this product because this is not my usual brand, The very first time that i tried it OMG ! it was really so Cool, fresh and icy feeling. I really feel so confident talking to friends and relative .I Love this product so Much !.
Freshness overload
Ive been using this for a month now and so far this is my best variant from the brand. Love the cooling sensation after i gargled.
Great product! Must try!
I've been using this mouthwash for about 3 months and I love the freshness it gives. The freshness is long lasting and i really like the smell. It makes me confident to talk closely with other people because I know that I have a fresh breath. It comes with different variants but I love this one because of the icy feeling after rinsing. I've shared this product to my family and now they are also usinh it everyday. I really recommend this to everyone. Must try!
Very nice lovin it will reccommend it to my friends
Effective and refreshing
I love this product, it helps me refresh my breath and helps me deeply clean my mouth. It also has a unique sense of freshness when i apply it in my mouth. I highly recommend this to everyone.
Colgate mouthwash the best
Makes your breath really really fresh.. I highly recommend this product to all the people who are looking for a great mouthwash product...
Colgate mouthwas
I've tried it many times. It makes my mouth fresh for a whole day!!!
Fresher breath
My breath feels fresh after i used this.. will buy again
Very excellent
Good in my mouth very refreshenning. Thank you for recommending

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