4.9 5 0 118 118 Enjoy Freshness Between Brushings with new Colgate Plax Ice Infinity! Colgate Plax kills over 99% of bacteria. 24/7 Bad Breath Control helps control bad breath 24 hours a day with twice daily use. And, because it does not contain alcohol*, there is no burning taste! Try this for the intense icy-cool freshness of Eucalyptus and Wintergreen! <br><br>*does not contain ethanol
Colgate Mouthwash Plax Ice Infinity
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Refreshing without Sting
I love how my 4 year old daughter can actually use it. I feel so refreshed but it will leave no sting. Theres a free smaller pack when i bought this good deal it is. Love the scent after using it.
Instant Freshness
It feels fresh and cool in the mouth. I also like that its not so strong when you gargle or rinse it, it doesn't leave a sting.
colgate plax
Its delicious to taste and it will leave a good effect to the mouth
Im confident in my mouth with this product. I love it!
Fresher Breath
For quick but confident enough for total clean and protected from bad breath this is must have. really makes your breath fresh and smell good all day long saving you from uncomfortable situation and gives you perfect smile.
Colgate mouthwash has been my brand mouth wash since last year. It gives me refreshing breath.
This one is strong as the blue one, for me. It stings in your tongue. And also if you have sensitive gums, i wouldnt recommend this one for you since this is strong it might hurt your gums. This would be good to smokers, cause I have a friend who uses this after she smokes and it doesnt smell like she smoke.
Sobrang sarap nya SA bibig fell fresh ka pag gamit mo sya plus ung ice flavor nya no to bad breath talaga I will sure recommend to my family and friends ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
No doubt colgate is one of highly recommended when it comes to quality of the product..
I highly recommend dis product..Very refreshing With cooling effect..Confident with fresh breath🤗😁
fresh breath
Love this product..hndi tlga sapat ang pagtoothbrush lang iba pdin pagnag mouthwash ka, ibng freahness ang binibigay at talaga namqng confident ka.
Thumbs up
After using this product it feels like this mouthwash killed all the living bacteria in my mouth. It is so refreshing and it is very satisfying😍😍😍😍 Do not hesitate to buy this one
This mouthwash is worth to buy, it kills 99% of bacteria and it helps to control the bad breath that last 24 hours. I'm a satisfied user and I highly recommend for everyone.
Colgate Mouthwash Plax Ice Infinity
I like the packaging especially the color, red. It conveys the message that it has strong but natural ingredients because of the leaf and ice graphics on the label. Whenever I use it, I feel like the bacteria on my mouth is gone and I feel confident and healthy at the same time.
Gustong gusto ko to gamitin, lahat kami sa bahay eto ginagamit saglit lang sa amin yung mlking bottle hahaha...... Saka yung green fresh gamitin ...

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