4.9 5 0 14 14 Enjoy Freshness Between Brushings with new Colgate Plax Ice Infinity! Colgate Plax kills over 99% of bacteria. 24/7 Bad Breath Control helps control bad breath 24 hours a day with twice daily use. And, because it does not contain alcohol*, there is no burning taste! Try this for the intense icy-cool freshness of Eucalyptus and Wintergreen! <br><br>*does not contain ethanol
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Colgate Mouthwash
I tried it before and it was cooling in mouth. Makes me comfortably have a conversation all day.
We always buy this because its not too strong unlike other brands.
Favorite Mouthwash
Colgate Plax is one of my favorite mouthwash to use. It is so cool and refreshing. I like that it last long and I only have to use it once a day to keep a refreshing mouth all day. I recommend it.
mabango sa bibig and refreshing sa bibig. recommended sya sa lahat lalo sa mga madalas sa outdoor na di keri magbitbit ng toothbrush at toothpaste kase maliit ang bagelya:)
It is very refreshing. Im using this every time. Very cool. I love it very much!!!
Love to eat
Im using it everyday. And bringing it always wherever I go specially at work. Whenever I felt uncomfortable with the smells of my mouth, specially after eating Smelly dishes. After using it, i feel the menthol and it last for hour.
this product is good to refresh my breath after a nap or eating
Excellent product!
tastes good leaves mouth and teeth feeling fresh and clean.its really works for me.i love it!
It tints your tongue red
I love how I don’t feel like my mouth is burning compared to other products. It also gave me that fresh breath that I am really expecting from a mouthwash. Lastly, it tinted my tongue red which gave it a clean appearance. I’m just not sure if this is something to be worried about. Overall, I love it!
We've bee using this matagal na panahon na, naaalala ko bata palang ako lagi ko nakikita ang mommy ko sa grocery na nailalagay ito sa cart.. then nung nagdalaga ako natuto nadin ako gumamit nito..until now na may sariling family na ako..
Daily use
This is good for daily use and the freshness in the mouth last longer..Even the taste is not that harsh and strong
Fresh breath
Perfect mouthwash leaves fresh breath after use.and taste good
Colgate Flax
It has a good taste in my mouth whenever I use it. All odors are gone after using it.
Exelent product
I like it cause everytime i use the colgate mouthwash i feel so fresh and my mouth are clean and fresh breath.

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