4.9 5 0 35 35 Enjoy Freshness Between Brushings with new Colgate Plax Ice Infinity! Colgate Plax kills over 99% of bacteria. 24/7 Bad Breath Control helps control bad breath 24 hours a day with twice daily use. And, because it does not contain alcohol*, there is no burning taste! Try this for the intense icy-cool freshness of Eucalyptus and Wintergreen! <br><br>*does not contain ethanol
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Gives you confident to talk with others, give you smile great
fresh breath
Gives you confidence for long hours and keeps you feel fresh
Very nice
It leaves your breath fresh and cool no alchohol sting like others
Good Quality
Very nice,I always use this Everyday, because it gives me a good smell everytime.
You need some freshness
It's taste is awesome it's totally refreshing your mouth after brushing it's effective and affordable product I love it😘😘😘😘
So cleen and Refreshing with cooling factor and very affordable price and super effective to bad breaths away
Affordable and Effective Mouth wash
It's very affordable for the quality. Sulit na sulit! I would rather use this than expensive mouth wash parehas lang din naman ng effect.
Super Great
Not only that this product freshens your breath but it is also affordable. You'll definitely love if it makes you feel great at the same time it will also make your pocket happy
Good Product
Nakaka fresh sa bibig at sobrang bango pa.feeling fresh ang mouth ko sa tuwing gagamitin ko ang product na to.
i am surprised that its refreshing with its fruity flavor.
it feels good when you use this product, it feels good after using it
Fresh and feels good in your mouth.. taste good during gargle
Fresh Breath
I have been a colgate user ever since and just recently I tried using their mouthwash to see if it has the same effect as the toothpaste and I'm glad I did because this product is not that strong at all which means that it is gentle to the mouth. It leaves you with good breath for a long time and helps remove stuff that sticks to the teeth. You can actually feel the freshness without being conscious of your breath.
refreshing when youre in a rush
since we are working in bpo and theres no time to do brushing in the wee hours of work this is a great help to stay fresh and confidently talking
Colgate plax
I really love this product! It's cool in the mouth and u can have fresh breath all day!

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