5 5 0 10 10 Pair this delicious crackers either with coffee for your afternoon tea time or even just to have it as a snack, this sweet buttery crackers will leave you wanting more.
Croley Foods Sunflower Sweet Butter Crackers
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It's You that satisfy my cravings!
I really love this for it's tasty, not so sweet flavorful crunchy biscuit. I can't imagine that i can finished one pack of it! Affordable price and highly recommended, try this and you will love it too!
Favorite crackers for merienda
Ang sundlowers butter crackers Masarap syang pang merienda.paborito ko to nuong bata pa ako, lalu na pag -nagkakape ka!solve agad ang merienda mo!!!
childhood favorite
I soo love this product. Me and my mother's favorite na partner ng kape. I love the buttery flavor combined with the sweetness of it.
I love this product so much lalo na nung bata pa ko, yung lasa niya hindi nakakasawa at hindi nakakaumay hanggang ngayon. 💯 Masarap to lalo pag may kape at gatas ka pa tapos kain ka nito. 🤗 NakakabuSOLVE. 😍
Bet na baon
I love sunflower sweet butter biscuit.. Twing nag grocery ka. Kami NG husband ko eto ang ini aadd to cart ko.. Di nakakaumay..
sunflower crackers
Sunflower crackers are known for their tasty biscuits. they have different variants. this sweet butter cracker tastes good especially when you partner it with your favorite Juice.
Awesome taste!
Ang sarap nito grabe, nakikipag agawan ako sa anak ko para lang makatikim nito hehehehe.. di nga lang sa lahat ng groceries meron.. sana in the future kahit sa tindahan meron na mabili nito..
Love it!
Love it due to it's not too sweet, has a real good crunch and overall yummy taste.
Yes i have it since i was a kid Evdn my son like it too,
very good product
nice this product am alredy used this product and m very happy this product
Is it in new packaging ? well it's interesting ...my favorite Sunflower Cracker is Original and Pizza but this new flavor is worth the try.
I havent had this particular product however Crowleysis a great product so Um sure there delightful

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