Del Monte Potato Crisp Sour Cream 14g

5 5 0 3 3 Deicious potato crisp with a sour cream twist.
Del Monte Potato Crisp Sour Cream 14g


Healthy Snack for Kids and Adults
I love sour cream so when they released this flavor, we immediately tried it. Definitely didn't disappoint! Even my son loves it. If there's anything though, I hope it also comes in a bigger package like the plain and spicy ones. 14 grams is definitely not enough.
Healthier snacking
The packaging caught our attention and we immediately purchased it to try. This is a good alternative for my kids versus chips whenever they wanted something to snack on. They even have different flavors available but this sour cream variant fits my son’s preference that we always do a weekly repurchase for him
Del Monte Potato Crisp
I was looking for an alternate snacks for my kids and saw Del Monte Potato Crisp Sour Cream. I was immediately drawn to the "baked not fried" caption. It's like eating chips but without the guilt. Me and my kids love it!

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