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Doowee Donut
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Tastes good
Dowee Donut is a great alternative when you crave a donut if your fave donut shop is far or closed. This is cheap but it tastes good. You can also easily find this in supermarkets and sari-sari stores.
Doowee Donut
I'm not very fan of it pero masarap naman. maganda ang packaging at mas gusto ng mga bata. 0ver all ganda ng product.
looking for a donut cheaper price
I have a sweet tooth, and every time I look for something sweet, I always brought in sari-sari store this Doowee Donut, it cost less than Php 10. Way more cheaper than the other donuts. It taste like moist chocolate cake with a surprise filling with chocolate coated. Packaging is very neat, easy to distinguished when I'm at the grocery store (even in nakasabit sa sari-sari store) First encounter with Doowee Donut, I'm looking for a donut but unfortunately, grocery is already closed and dont like the taste of donut in 7-11 store. My brother introduce this product (I always saw him eating this) and when I tried, its heavenly! I finished 2 pcs, wanting for more but i have a tonsillitis. PS. please drink a lot of water every time you eat sweet
Doowee donut Mommy
My daughter loves to eat this Doowee donut. She likes sweets and chocolate flavor. Plus factor kasi yung nakita nya sa commercial with matching dance pa. Nakatipid naman kasi here sa doughnut na ito unlike sa iba. Recommended this to try.
Few years ago when this was launches it tastes so good and the quality was premium but when I bought again after few years I find the quality less satisfying. This was my favorite back then but now It's just too sweet and the cupcake is no longer moist.
about the flavor
if it's your first time trying this, don't expect too much on what's inside of packaging. for me it's like an inflated baloon/ball with a donut surprise inside. :) upon opening / revealing the donut, not messy, because of the intact air sealed in. improve the flavor of the "pink" donut. it's too sweet.
Donut cravings
I'm a fan of sweets and I'm delighted to have encountered Dowee. I won't have a hard time looking for a Donut store in the wee hour as Dowee is available in every sari-sari store. I like its not-too- sweet taste and soft texture. My donut cravings are always satisfied with Dowee.
Isa din to sa mga favorite magkapatid. Kahit sa mga sari-sari store makakabili ka na. Halos lahat ng flavors siguro natikman ko na hehe. More flavors pa po sana
Affordable donut ng mga bata.
You can buy this product lang kasi sa mga small store sa mga looban or mga iskinita. May 10 pesos ka lang ma tikman mo na toh and may sukli pa
Masarap ulit ulitin
Favorite ko at ng 2 anak ko ang diwee donut, pati si baby drey favorute niya to...ito ang pang snacks at himagas namin..di nakakasaw..masarao ulit ulitin
Happy Dowee
Favorite to ng anak ko gusto nya flavor ung strawberry araw araw sya nag papabili nito kase masarap daw pati ako favorite na rin to hehe
Smile in every bite
Doowee donut been my family's all time favorite snack. As its packed with yumminess and sweetness that everyone enjoys in every bite. The moist texture of donut with delicious its delicious cream coating and filling satisfies all our taste buds that will surely as for more.
1st year college ako una nakatry neto 😆 wala sa bundok choss. Mas masarap pa sa mister. donnut e tyaka mura lang mas favorite to ng bestfriend ko
My son really love the doowee strawberry and chocolate.. Pangbaon and even merienda..
My favorite donut on the go
I really love this donuts especially the chocolate. The right sweetness and the chocolatey taste. and also very cheap. They should put More fillings..yes i totally recommend this donuts!

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