4.9 5 0 16 16 Embrace each meal in a melt-in-your-mouth goodness that will tickle the taste buds and make everyone crave for more with Eden Melt Sarap! Turn your everyday recipes into an extraordinary treat with this quick melt cheese.
Eden Melt Sarap
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Go-to Cheese for our Household.
It is no brainer in our household that whenever we need cheese, Eden will be our choice in the grocery. This quick melt version is also a nice addition as it amps up our dishes to from pastas to plain sandwiches. Kids always love the melted cheese, and adults too!
Affordable and deli
Ginagamit ko to hindi lang pampalaman sa tinapay kundi hinahalo ko rin to sa scramble egg at masarap naman ang kinalabasan.
It gives stretch to my grilled cheese!
I love how this quick melt cheese produce a mouth watering stretch from the meals that I've been doing. I feel like a pro.
Eden melt sarap
I just finished a box last week.. i love cheese so much and I enjoyed using eden on my food whether putting into a scrambled egg with potatoes or putting it on my toasted pandesal its simply delish.
I loved this melty version of Eden 🧀 cheese so cheesy yet melty yummy 😘❤️cheese lover here 😘🧀
The best cheese for all time foodies
We always chose Eden cheese for our spaghetti and puto special... Especially, this home quarantine period😊😊
Due to the quarantine implementation, I made my Lola's special spaghetti and decided to add Eden Melt Sarap. It tasted really good. I'll try it to add it again next time.
We used it as always for everyday life and occasionally. It is yummy together with the ham, hotdog or even if just bread. We also use it when we bake foods and discover new recipes with chessy feelings.
It melts easily. I like to make grilled cheese using this Eden. I always use it actually since na try ko sya the first time. And yung pagka cheese nya, hindi nakakasawang kainin.
Great for cheesy sauce!!!
This is our go to brand when we want our spaghetti to be creamy. Not too salty, so it's safe to add in the sauce. Just mix it while the sauce is simmering. My kids love it!
Eden Melt
I am a big fan of cheese. And Eden Melt Sarap is one of the variety of cheese na ginagamit ko especially for lasagna. I like its smooth texture, then yung lasa nya balance yung saltiness and creamy/milky flavor.
Excellent product
I tried using it on lasagna and cheese cupcakes and it melt easily. Not too salty just the exact flavor that you will expect for a cheese. Will definitely recommend this.
Excellent product
It melts easily. I like its taste. Its just perfect and is not too salty and not too dull. Its tastes better than the former brand that im using. I would definitely recommend this one.
Eden melt sarap
I like the fact that it melts too fast. And its so yummy..
grabe super tasty po nito, in every occasions if we needed ng cheese we use this in our home, favorite namin ng mga cousins ko, eden cheese lang talaga.

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