Eight O'Clock Powdered Orange Juice

4.9 5 0 490 490 Love the taste of orange juice? Then Eight O'Clock Powdered Orange Juice is for you!
Eight O'Clock  Powdered Orange Juice


Every meal
We used to drink this every meal. I love how you really taste the sweet and sourness of the fruit even though it's a powdered drink. Even now, we still purchase them and stock our cabinet with it.
Eight O' Clock Orange Juice
Best served when chilled, I'm sure kids will love it too. Perfect for our weather. True orange flavor.
Eight O'Clock Orange juice
I really love the mixture of this product. Taste just like real orange. However, since the juices products increases, we seldomly buy it. Hoping that prices will become more affordable again.
Childhood refreshment
I love the taste and the sweetness! I can still remember how I enjoyed drinking this when I was a kid. Totally worth the price!
One of our favorite brand of juice powered
We been using this brand since I was a kid and until now this one of my favorite brand of juice powered we love the taste of Eight O'clock orange flavored.
Eto juicedrink nmn nung bata p kme laging baon namin s schools super sarap lasang lasa tlga ang orange,,,
this is one of my fave merienda drinks as well as pag may work ako mas nagigising ako pag umiinom jito instead of coffee.
I love Eight O'Clock
I miss the feeling of having an Eight O'clock juice as my baon during grade school. I love how it is still an active brand all throughout the years. I also admired the price and how it was packaged. I will totally recommend this to friends and family.
Tastes Good
Napakarefreshing niya saka andami pang health benefits sa pag inom nito❤️ Sulit siya bilhin. Swak na swak lang ang pagka orangey flavor niya at hindi masyadong maasim😍 Super love this!!😍😍
Eight's O'range Time!
Eight O'clock Orange juice has been my childhood refreshments especially during the afternoon when me and my playmates are having our merienda time. You can really taste the orange flavor and is not very sour.
Favorite childhood drink
This taste great! Whenever I see the name, it reminds me of my childhood. The familiar taste of an afternoon snack paired with pandesal. I'm happy that this drink still exists until now where my children can enjoy it too. Highly recommended!
Masarap 😊
Masarap na affordable pa. Wala na kong masabi .....
we absolutely love it!!!
this is our go-to drink for generations. now my 5 year old daughter loves this drink too!
Childhood juice drink
Mula pagkabata, ito na talaga binibili namin brand ng juice. Sumubok ng iba pero ito pa rin talaga hanggang ngayon.
My childhood juicedrink
The same taste. Still sweet which is not good for people with diabetes. What I love of this juice is, it concentrated juice in a powder form.

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