Etude House Gradation Contour Wheel

4.6 5 0 27 27 This handy multi-contour kit consisting of 3 shade colors, can be used for daily contouring.
Etude House Gradation Contour Wheel


not suitable for people with darker skin tones
This contour was ineffective. My skin tone is too light for it. It will work for you if you have lighter skin. If you have darker complexion, though, I would not recommend this.
The Best
I really love this product because it has different shades. I can choose wether I go for light or dark to match my whole make up. It is the best contour ever! It is smooth when you put it on your face. My sister and I used this for a long time. And I really recommend this product
Quality product
If you are looking for a best contour product, i recommend this one to you. Ive been using this since my friend is really love and it gaves her the beaty for her face. W i love this product.
Etude house gradation Contour Wheel
Sana mapili ako ni hometesterclub na mabigyan ako ng etude house gradation contour wheel,, para sana sa anak kong dalaga,,
I recommend this!
I recommend this. It really matches to my skin tone. I have different shades to choose and it's easy to carry anywhere you go.
Go to contour!
What I love about this product is it is very easy to carry and it has different shades that would match my morena skin. Perfect for contouring!!
Na try ko na to and super love ko to. Ganda Ng kulay nya sakto sa kht anong kulay Ng balat ❤️
Perfect ❤️
This product is super cute , that why i love etude product and easy to apply to ur face , love love love ❤️❤️❤️
This exact product, is indeed a must have ladies. The shades blend well with the skin you'll never know it's in there. Natural looking finish is not so hard to achieve now. This product is a miracle maker!
Sort of powdery , but do its job, you can also use it for eyeshadow and nose line
A must contour palette! It blends naturally on skin ✨
Panga pa nga.
I dont put so much my make up but everyyime that tgeres an occasion I gladly make myself beautiful and this is one is the reason why I boost my confindence it can help to shape my face according to what I want.
I've tried this before.. it blends in pretty well with my foundation on. It's great that it has variants of shades so that it'll suit on almost every skin tone.
Very handy contour palette ever!
Its a complete contour palette that fits in your hand so its very handy. Its not messy and can fit into your make up kit easily. I really like its pigmentation and it will last you the whole day.
Bought this item on shopee a couple of months ago. I got it in the lighter variation shade.I find the texture okay, the pigments okay too but the tone not that cool than I was expecting. I like contours that are more of the cooler side so as to create natural looking shadow to my round face.

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